12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas For him

If you are still pondering, what to get your husband for Christmas. This is the best time to do start thinking of something more creative and memorable that will thrill your spouse.

We got you covered with the 12 days of Christmas gifts ideas. The countdown starts from the twelfth day leading to Christmas. Or even some few days into the New Year. For the late comers or super busy moms. Your husbands will always appreciate a love gift from his woman well past Christmas anyway:)

What better way to express your love to that “special one” than to show that you care so much to plan a series of amazing surprises that he passionate desires and needs. You may have a complete different list from mine, but these are some few ideas to get you started:


1. Compose Love Texts:

Compose Love Texts

Compose Love Texts

Words are powerful and has the ability to breathe life into your spouse. Send a text message of blessings revealing the 5 things you love about him. Spice it up with romantic emotional emojis and tell him how much you miss his presence. Or appreciate him for something he has done that usually goes unappreciated (like taking care that handy jobs, maintaining the cars and paying up the bills).

If are still pondering of what type of inspiration or romantic love text to spark your creative ideas. You can check them out here.


2. Plan a Christmas Getaway:

Plan a Christmas Getaway

Christmas Getaway

One of the best ideas should be outdoor picnics. Who says picnic, should be enjoyed only during summertime? No need to step a foot outside, transform your living room into a warm winter wonderland for two. Take a piece of blanket and spread on the floor and pick the finest wine and basket of your partners favorite Christmas foods.


3. Pray for him/her out loud.

Pray for him/her out loud

Some of us feel a little uncomfortable praying out loud, but this is a powerful and spiritual experience for couples. There’s always a new found joy being in the presence of the Lord and prayer allows us to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for His kindliness protection and love.If you feel a little awkward praying out loud, consider taking a note and write out each word beforehand and reading it out loud. No one says it has to be perfect to be heartfelt.


4. Hugs Cuddles and Snuggles.

Hugs Cuddles and Snuggles

Hugs Cuddles and Snuggles

Romance is blissful: If you’re a wife thinking of an unforgettable way to surprise your husband, aside physical intimacy, there other things that’ll make him feel pleasurable. But if you’re man reading this article, there’s no secret that your wife will be thrilled by a night of romance.

Lay down the sheet on the bed, light up the candles, and woo your woman with a soothing massage. Run through every inch of her body. (If you’re not to versatile with your massage skills, this easy (and clean) video lesson will show you both the confidence and matching skill, you need to make your spouse melt in your arms. My wife tried one on me and i felt it should last forever.


5. One Day Off:

This goes out to all the men, surprise your woman with a day off from her normal daily chores. Plan ahead and take note of the task they usually carry out at home. Make a breakfast in bed, pack the mids lunch, clean the dishes, cuddle the baby, walk the dog… you get the idea. Let her know you appreciate every single thing she does and you are thankful.


6. Late Night and Sizzling Pop corn:

Plan a romantic movie night out in bed. You can popup some pop corn or even a hot tasty chocolates (raspberry is always a winner!) toppings (sprinkles, marshmallows chocolate shavings). Or simply make a hot chocolate from a box. My wife likes Nestle Hot Chocolate (It makes her feel relaxed) and that’s all matters to me.


7. Love notes.

Love notes

Love notes

I don’t know about you, but I could probably fill an entire book with all the love notes my husband and I wrote each other when we were dating. Maybe even a short series of books. But once we got married, those notes trickled to the occasional card now and them.

Surprise your spouse with luscious love notes hidden all over the place. Stash them in their lunch bag, on their dashboard, in their wallet, and even in their pant pockets if you’re sly enough. Bombard your loved one with words of affirmation that will make them smile long after the words are read.

Assuring Love notes are simply a word of love and assurance to your spouse. Surprise your spouse with heartfelt love note hidden all over the place. Keep them close to his favorite chair, in their lunch bag, in their wallet, or even more romantic in their pant pocket. That would be stunning.


8. Stuff a stocking.

Fill his stocking with variety of chocolates and gift cards more than the usual. Place love notes and dares and even more creative items.


9. Framed Digital photo.

Scroll through your device and find digital photos in your drive and choose one that brings back fun date memories or an unusual experience you shared together. Take to a print shop, get a frame at the dollar store, and frame it up. This is an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.


10. Keep the Car Clean:

Most wives loves a helping hand, when it comes to cleaning and washing the car. Sometimes it can be a little exhausting, but having a caring husband, who takes to heart to attend to the needs of the car, makes all the difference. You can surprise your spouse, anything you feel the car is unkempt. Like her super hero blaze through the vehicle and leave it sparkling clean. Bonus points! You can leave her favorite candy bar or love note on the seat.


11. Find It Easy To Apologize

As we journey through marriage, there maybe somethings you unknowingly did to your spouse that annoyed them. Invite your spouse for a heart to heart talk and openly ask them, what you can do to love them better. Ask them what actions you took or words you said, that hurt or got them upset. Ask them in what way you can improve and express your love in ways they understand and appreciate. Apologize for any wrong doings, and commit to make the desired change that will improve your relationship.


12. Coupon book.

Who doesn’t love the good ol’ coupon book, a gift that enjoys giving. It’s easy to put together by yourself or you can find ideas on Pinterest. If you have a budget, try and purchase a few gift cards for a getaway date nights and plan ahead of time over the coming year to alleviate some of the pressure.

Or research simple coupons for your spouse’s favorite breakfast, a time out with guys, or his favorite sport games (anything he enjoys that you don’t). This is an ideal way to carry on the excitement of 12 Days of Christmas Gifts into the remaining closing of the year.

Finally, at the end of it all, the goal is not to wow your spouse with your ingenuity or your creativity. The goal is to make them feel loved. You can keep it simple or make it explosive as you like, but find ways to communicate love and share intimate moments with your spouse this Christmas. Your loving thoughts and deeds will last long after Christmas moves on… and you’ll both be grateful for it.

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