5 Action Steps To Save Your Relationship After Cheating

Extramarital affair or cheating is like a cancerous disease to any marriage. Once uncovered it destroys every facets of the relationship causing embarrassing for both partners and signals a breakdown in trust, communication and love. Marriage is built on the foundation of trust and faith in one another. This gets compromised due to extra-marital affair.

It breeds marital problems such as bitterness, conflicts which may result in separation or even worst divorce. However, we need to be mindful because divorce is devastating not only to the partners, but also the children. That’s why you need to try all possible means to save your relationships after an affair. There is nothing as sacred as marriage, because God created marriage with the aim of complementing each others weakness.

1. Be Patient:

It’s hard to accept that someone you love could betray your trust. But try to be patient, cool down and find out why your spouse is cheating on you. In most scenarios, the reason for cheating may not be because your spouse is no longer in love with you or has no no emotional feelings.

But it may due to his/her physical needs. Although, this is no excuse to indulge in cheating. Discuss about this issue and find a common ground to finding a lasting solution.


2. Forgive and Forget:

Whatever the reasons for his/her cheating. I know it is a difficult ask, believe i know…try to forgive and forget. Go into prayers and commit all your pain, hurt and tears in the hand’s God. No matter what is said and done, only true love from God can heal your broken heart.

Then have an open discussion with your spouse and find out if he/she is willing to fight to save the marriage and try to understand your spouse approach about it. If you feel your spouse is truly remorseful about his/her deeds, try to forgive and make a new start.


3. Rekindle Your Love:

At this point both partners need to work together and develop a new found love for each other, then you can easily forge ahead. The most vital step to take in a step to save your marriage after an affair is to admit your mistakes and shortcomings. Improve your personality and behavior, listen to quality programs, buy helpful books and make a vow never to hurt your partner again.

4. Vacation Getaway:

Take vacation with your partner, go somewhere refreshing to rekindle and nurture your love. Give your partner time to reflect and heal, communicate more often and discuss any slight grievance you have with your partner.

5. Be Courageous:

If both partners are cheating, both of you should and agree to do everything to save the marriage. Be courageous and make commitment with one another to end the affair and be loyal and accountable to one another. This is a bold statement and is a step in the right direction to save your marriage after an affair.

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