The 5 Golden Rules of Marriage

This practical marriage tips is from her very hard, very emotionally and spiritually heavy first year-plus of marriage. This marriage advice is life changing. If it seems you’re walking on a thin line in your marriage, or just thinking of how you to win back the love of your husband, I highly recommend these big ones.

1. Love vs. Respect

You need to know that we ladies may be desperate for love, hugs and long hushed conversations with a little Motown in the background… but our man doesn’t care much for the mushy if he feels belittled, disrespected or otherwise not looked up to by his lady.

You need to realize that ladies place premium value for love, and long hushed conversations with that special one… but our man won’t give much attention to those tender, love and care needs. If he feels disrespected, belittled or otherwise not regarded by his lady.

These defects are major reason for cheating.


His beautiful co-worker in the office, feel he’s super smart and so amazing. While his wife picks on him, anytime he forgets to take out the garbage.

I had to search my inner self to discover what cause such behavior. The best way is to research what others did to overcome. so I bought many books on marriage and one of book painted a clear picture of my situation. It is called Love and Respect. I may not be able to recite every marriage tip within that book, but there is a charpter that spoke about these verse. Those words saved my marriage.

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church ….and the wife must respect her husband.” Ephesians 5:22-33

At first i struggled so hard to figure out what he considered respect. The cultural divide didn’t help, the book detailed a clear picture for us women. To be frank, everything done without thinking is considered disrespectful. I’m referring to the sigh, constant nagging, the eye rolling the criticism which we consider “loving advice.”

2. Act of Kindness

Wife, if you ignore this tip your chances of marital conflict rises by about a thousand percent. The secret to any healthy marriage, the secret to solving ANY marriage, to any relationship, the key that opens the door of marital bliss lie in this one word, this one constant act, and if you never depart from it, i promise you, your marriage will become a bed of roses.

Always be nice, sweet and polite. Endless marital rewards await you!

Sure fact, If you noticed by now, sweetness and politeness had no place in my life while growing up. This was not an easy step for me. I had to starve my pride and embrace humility. Be nice? To him? When summoned courage to discuss things with a respectful tone, our intimacy gauge shot up instantly.

Now most men reading will shocked. How did i figure it out. Believe me ladies, if you learn to be kind to your husband, you will certainly be respectful.

3. Tight Lip

This tip am still adapting and i find pretty much challenging to follow. When you want to give a piece of your mind and hurl at this ignorant, mean and stubborn person in front of you, swallow it. Swallow your words, your pride, your very tongue if you have to.

If you spill out all those frustration, once it leaves your mouth, you turn out to be the ignorant mean one in the group. Some of the things we say in marriage, may have devastating effect in the long term. Read James 3 in your Bible and apply it to your holy matrimony.

I remember grandma said “if I can’t say anything nice that I shouldn’t say anything at all”. I am painfully aware, it is difficult to accept this facts. Remember when you said the “I do”. True love is selfless.

4. Compose a “Respect Letter”

Thinking of how best to start to show your respect. Write a letter to your husband, while at work. Thank him for what he has done in your life. Speak his love language.

It doesn’t have to be the most romantic letter, a man likes things concise and clear: Express your love for him and how much you can’t wait to have him in your hands. I can tell you that he will start treating you like a queen if you keep it up.

And don’t give up if things are out of control. Keep on praying and God never fails to answer the prayer of the righteous.

5. Marriage Mentors

Locate an old married couple who will keep it real and tell you the way it is when you are being a jerk (who are not your parents).

You may also have couple friends. They may assist in talking to your husband, when things gets out of hand. But also you need to do your background check. They are some couple, who look perfect on the outside. But a loose canon while in closed doors.

Choose your friends wisely.

The Happy Ending

These days my husband and I have healthy habits, discussions instead of arguments, we get out of the house once a day with baby to walk in the park and talk about life. We make decisions together and support each other’s endeavors. We not only listen to each other’s opinions, we ask for them and try our best to drive our marriage by serving the other.

Emily and her husband developed a healthy habits, discussions instead of arguments. They take a walk, once a day with baby to walk in the park and talk about life. Support each other and make decisions together as a couple. Both partners respect each other opinions.

Indeed conflicts are inevitable. Since both couple come from different cultural background, countries and also lifestyle! There are sometimes difference in opinions. But they know where to draw the line. Just as we’ve learned there are rules to marriage, there are rules to conflict.

Download your free Save Your Marriage Blueprint so you can go over the rules of the fight with him and agree on the healthy choice!

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