5 Practical Steps To Strengthen Your Marriage Daily

A famous quote once said, Rome, wasnt built in a day. This also relates to marriage. A lasting Marriage is built on a foundation of love, patience, committment and continued partnership. This virtues are forged over time.

There will be turbulent times some are hard while some are easy. Some days are unforgetable with pure bliss while others are days you wish never to remember. This varying circumstance reveals your true innerself. Challenges you to become a better person in other to create a happy life and a lasting relationship.

If you want to build a blissful marriage, you need to improve a step at a time by taking day-to-day actions. These day-to-day improvement is a key ingredient to any successful marriage.

In this article we’ll discuss 5 practical ways to strengthen your marriage every single day.

1. Spend Intimate time together:

The world demands are ever increaing. We now live in times where work  takes more of time, energy and committment. These can pose a great danger to any marriage, if not managed properly. It is important for couples to
mark a red line between work and marriage.

Take out time spend initmate moment with your partner. Talk about excites you, cuddle in his warm embrace and enjoy every intimate moment. No cellphone, no electronic gadget and connect like you did while dating.

Try this today spend at least 15 minutes to share a morning cuppa together. It gets more romantic in the evening hours. When you arrive from work,  rather than slidding to bed. Put on your favorite Netflix movies and
unwind with your partner.


2. Show gratitude

I am extremely thankful for my husband. I try to tell him or show him this whenever I can, but I often forget. Don’t we all? So we’ve made a habit to do this every night. Before going to bed we each tell each other one thing we appreciate about the other person or share something they do that we’re grateful for.

It literally takes two seconds, but it’s a small way to strengthen our bond daily. It makes us feel good, too. Receiving an authentic compliment from your favorite person makes you glow.

It is a confidence booster and a heart warmer. And most importantly, it reminds us every single day of what we are so blessed to have: one another.

3. Be Grateful

There is a lot to say about my husband. I can write a book on how much his love radiates on me. Am more than thankful and i try as much as possible to show him whenever i can, but often i tend to forget. Don’t we all?

So we’ve made it a point of duty every night, before saying goodnight to appreciate each other committment, love and dedication. It can be any thing you feel your spouse had selflessly done for you. No matter how little appreciate him/her.

It is a moment i enjoy and helps strengthens our bond daily. Good compliments makes you feel good most especially when it comes from your spouse. It builds assurance and a heart warmer. Most especially, it makes to relize how blessed we are to have one another.

4. Try to do something extra ordinary for partner

As human we can be self centered. Thinking about me, myself and I. Theres  no wrong in looking after yourself or exhiting self-love and self care. But when it comes to marriage two have become one. It is neccessary to put  your spouse first when thinking about yourself.

Sometimes we need to practice selfless love, setting aside our own desires  and do something beyond self gratification.

Yes it can very difficult at times, putting aside your own desires, and pursing a selfless goal. It may not be convienient, but it will have a remarkable positive effect on your spouse. This is true love. A love that originates from God. He urges all of us to love selfless, just like His  Son Jesus died for our sins.

For example, if your husband wakes up every early in the morning to go to work. You can do a quick surprise lunch before he goes out to work. Yes, you spouse can easily make a quick launch on his own, and you’re right to be in bed in such an ungodly hour. But such love sacrifice makes it all special and worth doing over and over again.

This selfless act may seem small, but it makes a lot to his love language. Meaning yes, i love to be in bed, but for your love nothing is too difficult to overcome. While waiting for a big surprises, doing little selfless task like this is simply golden.

5. Never Ignore your own needs

Okay, lets talk about your own needs. We all have needs and this should never be ignored. True hapiness starts from within yourself. When you are not happy, how can you make someone else happy?

This should not be regarded as being selfish. it is important for you to be your best self. If you practice selfless love towards one another. There will be a loving understanding between you and your spouse. He can easily decode when you need sometime alone, a long bath, or an evening out with friends.

Looking after your needs is far more than just spa days or having a binge day. Its all about connecting with your own emotions.

It’s nearly impoossible for your spouse to provide everything you need. Yes, a spouse can be your shoulder to cry on, provide support and comfort, sound advise and also your #no1 fan. But they are only human and sometimes
may lack in some areas on your needs.

Have you had a bad day and work or your boss tried to tear you down and all you need is a warm cuddling embrace. But she is too exhausted battling her own issues.

It is understandle you’re both in a rough terrian. That’s why you need to create a fine balance nurchuring you needs as well as your marriage. Sometimes out of circumstances, you can be the strong one in the relationship.

But getting worked up and starting a fight won’t do you any good. Rather, take it as your responsiblity to manage your own rough emotions today. This a step of being an adult in relationships, and sometimes feels uncomfortable, but is it essential.

6. Love your spouse in the way they deserve to be loved

Just saying to always love your spouse every day maybe a vague piece of advice to someone. You can read all the encycopedia on love all day long, if your spouse is not responding in a positive way, then the process is
almost a waste of time.

You need to understand your spouse love language. Everybody love language differes from the other person. identifying which one works for your spouse is an important part of the equation.

For instance my love language is Words of Affirmation. I feel on top of the world when my husband pours out his feelings on me. I cherish every single word “You are special” “I love you” “What would my life be without you” and i crave the thought of receiving hand written love letters.

My hubby knows this, and though Words of Affirmation is not part of hos love language, but for me if goes all the way to say this words and make me feel so loved.

I highly suggest checking out his secret obsession. Sometimes finding his love language can be really challenging most especially when you dont know where to start.

Knowing your spouse love language makes him emotionally and romantically addicted to being in love with you. This creates a real desire in your man and the kind of emotional bond that life partnerships are built upon.

If that’s you then this video has your name on it. You can watch it here:

Imagine knowing the exact words to say to a man to truly open up his heart to you and fuel his desire to be daring and romantic…

…And what keeps his love and attention transfixed on you and only you.

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