Tell Tale Signs A Marriage Won’t Last According To Divorce Lawyers

There is no exception whether you are married, thinking to getting  married or planning to get married, you’ll at some point question your marriage or future coupling as you start this life long journey.

The questions could be specific or general, but no matter the question, the topic of marriage brings up lots of excitement, curiosities, emotions and vulnerabilities.

Quite a lot of couples are eager to know, if their marriage will pass the test of time, while others could be less bothered and focus on red flags. There are conventional words of marriage wisdom, a couple can apply to achieve this goal. But there are more hidden words and cruel habits that predict a marriage won’t last.

I am now married for seven years. We met each other in college, our relationship blossomed and we are in the midst of raising these amazing kids.

Looking at years gone bye, it has been a roll-coaster ride filled with laughter, love and also challenges. We both have a tight and chaotic working schedule, some times life comes with its own whirlwind.

When my man pop up the question, holding a ring ” Saying will you marry me?” I was in dream land 🙂 blurry fantasy of love. At that point neither of us was  paying attention to the challenges that could arise in the future.

Indeed, we discussed about usual topics like how many kids we love to have, when to have them, how best to manage our finance and retirement. But we were unprepared or never predicted the surprise, challenges and bombshell that came up as we journey together as a couple.

Each time we encountered uncertainties, challenges and issues, it came down to one thing! how are we going to handle this, do we agree, do we not, and what is the probability we are going to make it through.

In order find lasting solutions for couple struggling with the similar issues. I interviewed a couple of psychologist, match maker and divorce lawyers. As they revealed the tell tale signs a marriage won’t last according to divorce lawyers.


Sign #1. Lack of “Flexibility”:

“These tend to be the worst divorces because the rigid partner does not tend to change,” Chloe Wolman, a divorce attorney in Los Angeles. “The rigid partner will often continue to insist that things go their way even after the divorce papers are filed.”

Wolman says the intriguing part is that rigid partners often pairs up with compromising partners making it a balanced relationship.

“She wants things a certain way, and he’s willing to accommodate those wants. Easy, right? No quite,” Wolman says. “Even the most easy going partner will eventually break down.”

Wolman explained further that partner may require their spouse to act in a specific way, have a specific buying routine, and stick to certain layed down “rules”. She points out that this rigidity manifest as being self absorbed, and refusal to accept dissent, which is the number one predictor of divorce based on her findings.
Sign #2. Putting Yourself First Before The Marriage:

“When work and everything else becomes more of a priority than your relationship or significant other, you are doomed,” Bekker says. “Don’t expect a person to just always be there. If you neglect your partner long enough it will take a toll on them emotionally and it is hard to come back from that.”

“If your spouse doesn’t make you a priority and if you fail to feel special, you will lose interest in the relationship,” Regina DeMeo, a divorce attorney in District of Columbia says.

“The commitment simply falls apart.” She clearly points out that a person who puts work, friends, and extended family in the front seat is basically taking their spouse for granted.

Matchmaker and founder of Hunting Maven, Julia Bekker agrees that not finding time to be with each other can create loneliness and unforeseen issues for couples.

“When work and everything else becomes more of a priority than your relationship or significant other, you are doomed,” Bekker says. “Don’t expect a person to just always be there. If you neglect your partner long enough it will take a toll on them emotionally and it is hard to come back from that.”
Sign #3. Someone Is Indifferent Towards The Marriage:

This is one aspect that my mother has advised me over the years. She always says this words “if you’re not happy, sad and angry most of the times, you know you’re walking on slippery slop and ultimately it’s probably over.

Date to Soulmate founder and psychologist, Michael Arn, confirms my mom’s words of wisdom. He says you can
easily know if your relationship is in muddy waters, if you don’t have any feelings towards your partner. He continued further the hard truth about indifference, saying that it shows “you are no longer fighting for your relationship.”

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Sign #4. When You Have A “No Conflict” Marriage:

The believe or idea of a happy, “perfect” marriage without conflict is one desired by almost everyone in the society.

But couples therapist, Marni Feuerman says, no matter how much they love themselves, they have conflicts and disagreements to some degree, and if they admit they are not, then they are lying or exhibiting some definite avoidance behavior.

“Couples who routinely avoid conflict slowly drift apart,” Feuerman says. “It’s like the music of the relationship is playing but neither is getting on the dance floor.” She says these types of couples eventually just become roommates and the marriage (and love) dies.
Sign #5. Too Different Personality: You Two Don’t Have Enough In Common:

Like they say “opposites attract” most of the time, it doesn’t translate into marriage longevity. Bekker a match maker, says she sees it play out all of the time.

“Difference can be a good and necessary thing if they are bringing something positive to one another and adding to the relationship,” Bekker says. “But if you are two completely different people with entirely different upbringings, values, lifestyles, and desires, chances are it won’t work.”

She believes both couple will try so hard to conform and one or both of you, will eventually become tired of never being on the same page.

If you have observed many of these signs in your spouse lately and you have a sense that things just aren’t normal in your marriage, then I advise you act fast and turn things around now before it gets any worse!

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All the best and good luck !

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