6 Signs Your Spouse is Financially Irresponsible

When it comes to infidelity, you may think of the physical act of cheating, or even emotional infidelity. Did you know that there is also such a thing as financial infidelity? Probably the most common reasons relationships fail is due to money matters, yet a recent study showed that 35% of married people who share finances admit to deceiving their spouses about key issues related to money.

Is your spouse being financially irresponsible? Keep reading to learn the top six signs.

Sign #1 : Your Partner Answers Money Questions Defensively or Evasively

When you ask your partner a specific question about finances, are you met with a general response like. “Don’t worry, it’s under control” or do you get an honest answer. If your partner tries to change the subject or brush you off, it may be a warning sign. Wait a little bit and then try asking again – if your partner continues to evade the question you would be right to be concerned.

Sign #2 : They Refuse To Participate In Conversation About Your Finances

If you’ve become worried about your family money and asked your spouse to have an open conversation about it, how did they respond? If they balk at the idea, you are right to be troubled.

Tell your spouse that it is important to you that you both take part in handling the family finances or, at the very least, tell them that you want to be involved. If they still refuse, it could be a sign of financial infidelity.

Sign #3: Your Financial Statements Always Seem To Go Missing

If you and your spouse share finances, then you can both have access to your financial statements. If you discover that your bank statements, credit card bills, and other financial documents seem to disappear before you have a chance to look them over, consider it a warning sign. You can try asking your spouse, where they’ve gone, but they will likely evade the question or come up with some kind of excuse.

Sign #4: They Ask You To Sign Financial Documents Without Providing You time To Review Them

Any major financial decisions like taking out a new loan have to be discussed in detail and agreed upon by both partners. If your partner asks you to sign financial documents without telling you what they are for or letting you read them over, you shouldn’t sign them.

Sign #5 : Your Partner Always Seems To be Bringing Home New things

Does your partner always seem to be wearing a new outfit or bringing home a new device? When you ask about it, do they say it’s something they’ve had for a long time or do they evade the question? These things can be a sign of financial dishonesty.

Sign #6: You Discover a Lot of New Charges on Your Bank or Credit card Statements

Some people believe that they do not need to get their partner’s permission for small purchases, but those small purchases can add up over time. If you observe that there are several new purchases on your bank and credit card statements and your partner doesn’t want to speak about it, that could be a warning sign.

If you suspect that your partner is being financially irresponsible, there is a proper way and a wrong way to deal with the issue. Don’t come at your partner with accusations or blame – instead, try to open a sincere conversation about your shared finances. If you aren’t able to resolve the problem, you may have to temporarily take over the finances your self until you can work some thing out.

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