6 Things Men Passionately Want From Their Wives

In this 21st century, marriages have come under severe pressure, due to the ever increasing demands. These causing several divorces and separation cases. Some of these issues have been blamed on different views that men and women have about marriage.

Hardly do you find couples with similar marriage beliefs, most hold on to their marriages through determination, perseverance, faith and hope. Some women even after discovering the red flags in their relationships, still go into a union with the hopes of changing their men to suit their beliefs.

This is like walking on egg shells. It is difficult to change an adult belief’s or else they feel the need to change. In order to help women get a clearer picture of what most men want in a wife, we asked men these exact questions and here are some of the responses received.


#1 – A Submissive Women:

This is one traits every man crave for in a woman. Since men are considered the head of their respective families. It is key for their wives to respect and trust their husbands. Most men are irritated when women compete on who heads the family and who takes the final decision. They feel uncomfortable knowing they’ve lost the control of their home.

Understandably, some women don’t trust their husband leadership style and want to be at the same level with them. These creates a negative energy in such marriage. With the emergence of the 21st century, most women have been empowered, thus making it even more difficult for men to maintain their once powerful roles.

This can also be associated for many breaking marriages. It’s nobble for women to be submissive to their husbands no matter how educated, sophisticated, or financially endowed they have become.

#2 – Resilient and Hardworking Wives:

A research was conducted on 70% of men. They revealed that 90% of the work chores done in their home was carried out by house-helps, as their wives dish out orders left right and center. These actions is a complete turn off and makes men have less respect for their wives.

They revealed how attractive and appealing to see how their wives work in the house. Being “hand on” putting the house in proper shape.

A woman who matches her spouse intellectually, chips in family matters as well as accompanies him to parties and social events is a beauty to behold,

says Hezekiel Mahehu, the worship leader at House of Grace International who has been married for nine years.

When it comes to maintaining and keeping the home, women are exceptional. It is imperative for a woman to plan on carrying out house chores individually. They can call for helps, if it cannot be done alone. This way they have accomplished their obligation as a wife.

6 Things Men Passionately Want From Their Wives

#3 – Absence of Emotional Connection and Lack of Affection:

This one issue that affects lots of marriages. Quite a number of men say their wives suddenly became distant and stopped showing affection towards them. These are subtle signs men easily decode from women. They know when they’re not the center of attractions.

Sometimes such signs or character traits displayed by such women, strongly indicates they’re mentally checking out of the marriage. Often associated with this is an overall lack of willingness or emotional connection to discuss ways to find a lasting solution.

In my experience, this are obvious clear signs that a marriage is headed in the wrong direction. Most times, it is rather a system than a root problem and resolving the core issues of your marriage usually helps to mend, the emotional connection.

If you’re noticing this symptom as well as some of the others on this list, start taking action to stop the degradation of your marriage.

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#4 – Women with High Self-esteem & Confidence:

Most men find women who have a high self-esteem and confidence very attractive and easily fall in love with them. To men this traits portray power and trust. This contrast to popular beliefs hammered in our minds by main stream media, that one need not be necessarily beautiful to be confident.

But women with low self esteem is a red flag and cannot be trusted to nurture children and train them in the right way.  The reason is they will rather whine and complain about their selfish desires, rather than focus on the children needs. This impacts negatively on the kids and apart from that, it diminishes the love in the marriage, making most men feel more safe and happy when they’re out of the house.


#5 – Women Who Are Accommodating:

As a woman gets into a marriage, she is not only in direct relationship with her spouse, but with his family and relatives. This means you have to imbibe a good interactive relationship.

Men want women to cherish and love their mothers no matter how they feel about you. If both of you can’t get along, you can at least display some level of respect towards her. Most of these issues are temporary, if you persist in doing good to your mother-in-law. She definitely fall in love with you.

No man wants to see his mother being disrespected by his wife no matter what.

#6 – Denial of Conjugal Rights:

Some men are of the opinion that women find all excuses not to give their men the conjugal rights they deserve. Aside from comments of being tired, they sometimes claim to either be sick, too busy,emotionally stressed or in a bad mood for sexual desires.

60% of the men interviewed revealed that their marriages would have been much better, if only they perform their conjugal rights on a daily basis. Men have a higher testosterone level and greater urge for sex. So its not out of place, if they become more needy sexually.

Also lack of sexual satisfaction may lead men astray to committing adultery thereby causing harm to the marriage. It is important for couples to communicate their sexual needs and discuss how best to keep their romance burning.

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