9 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Do you suspect any strange behavior that your spouse is cheating on you? If you think that your spouse is cheating or having an affair, while you may be searching for confirmation. Before you decide to spy on your spouse or engage the service of a private investigator. Take a moment to observe the signs below to know if your spouse is truly  cheating on you.


1 – A Change in Physical Appearance

A husband or wife who cheat often place premium attention to his/her appearance in order to impress or entice the fellow they are having inappropriate affair with. If your spouse starts being conscious of their weight or buys new clothes, they could be having an affair.


2 – Distance or Lack of Communication

Before you start noticing such signs, how was your communication level with your spouse? If your spouse, finds it difficult to talk openly with you or stays away from home frequently with no concrete reasons. There is a high probability they may be cheating on you. This is because their conscience, may be judging their actions. And it gets difficult to stay comfortably in the presence of their spouse.


3 – They Constantly Work Late

Although these may differ between couples, but if you notice your spouse suddenly develops the habit of coming home late. Be sure to look out for changes and use your best judgement. Before running into any conclusion, you need to understand the nature of their job at every particular time. Maybe, call while at work, observe his/her response and so forth.


4 – They Spend Too Much Time with Friends

Having time out with friends, does not always signal a cheater. Sometimes it keeps the relationship healthy as they communicate with other people. With that said, always employ your best judgement. Try to study the behavior or character of his/her friends. Are they too involved? Or usually too caring? This can be red flags, you need to be aware of.


5 – You Hear Rumors

Lots of men and women involved in cheating, leave a lot of footprints. This maybe a friend or someone seeing them out on a date. In this type of situation, people often talk. Listen to what you hear. But you need to apply wisdom, because they are folks who aren’t happy seeing a blissful marriage. All the same, if more than one individual is repeatedly telling you that your spouse is cheating. It may be time to start listening.


6 – No Sex

Has sex in your marriage gone cold? Has it become a constant hassle to have your spouse in bed with you? Do you have to beg, or compromise your stand? Its a fact that men and women who indulge in acts of cheating are already satisfied and find it difficult to have it again, when they return home.


7 – You Are Accused of Cheating

Are you constantly accused by your spouse of cheating? In the times we live, cheating is on the rise. Men and women lusting away in fools paradise.

Psalm 25: Do not lust after her beauty in your heart, not let her allure you with her eyelid.
Vs. 26 – For by means of a harlot a man is reduced to a crust of bread; and an adulteress will prey upon his precious life.


8 – Hearing the Phrase “We are Just Friends”

The constant use of the word “just friends” is the trademark of a cheater. As always you need to use your best judgement. Ask critical question about this friend, who are they and why are they so close to your spouse? Did they just recently meet? You need to find out before any conclusion.


9 – A Bad Feeling

Feeling uncomfortable with your spouse altitude. Do you find yourself jealousy due to the lack of attention and intimacy? All this can lead to bad feelings. This feelings don’t happen in isolation, something must have triggered such emotions. It is vital you follow your heart and investigate if truly your spouse is cheating.

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