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Sex Position of The Week #2

      In this position the partner doing the penetrating kneels, keeping their upper body upright, creating a sort of lap for the partner being penetrated to sit in. The partner being penetrated straddles the kneeling partner supporting themselves both by wrapping their arms around their partner but also with their feet on either side of them on the bed.

Pros of the Raised Kneeling Sex Position

  • This position allows for a lot of physical contact, it’s like a giant embrace.
  • This position is face to face.
  • Unlike many sex positions, this one gives the partner being penetrated more control, without them being on top
  • Both partners have some control of the movement, with the kneeling partner using their hands and their ability to raise or lower their legs and the partner being penetrated using their legs and pushing up with their feet for control.


Cons of the Raised Kneeling Sex Position

  • This position requires very good knees, and could be quite hard on the knees
  • This position doesn’t allow for a lot of movement or thrusting
  • This position requires good balance


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  1. You guys are great!


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