Day: March 22, 2022

is james taylor married

Is James Taylor still married? James Taylor has not married any new wife as of 2021. Moreover, he has not split with his third wife, Carline Smedvig. The couple has been together since 1995 when they first met during Taylor’s performance with John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra.

is eva pilgrim married

Did Eva Pilgrim get married? Hartigan is the husband of ABC news anchor, Eva Pilgrim. Hartigan was born in England and graduated from Brunel University London in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science Honors in business. … Based on Pilgrim’s Instagram posts, they have been together since at least early 2019.

is daddy yankee married

Is Daddy Yankee still married? “Con Calma” and “Despacito” Rapper Daddy Yankee Has Been Married for 20 Years. … But despite being surrounded by women in nearly all of his music videos and public performances, it turns out Yankee has only one leading lady in his life: his wife, Mireddys González.

is chuck todd married

Is Chuck Todd still married? Todd resides in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife, Kristian Denny Todd, and their two children. She is a communications professional and co-founder of Maverick Strategies and Mail, which provides direct mail and consulting services for Democratic candidates and progressive causes.

is christie brinkley married

Is Christie Brinkley still married? Christie, 67, has been married four times, to French artist Jean-François Allaux for eight years. She wed musician Billy Joel between 1985 and 1994. The pair welcomed daughter Alexa, and remain good friends. … A year later she married architect Peter Cook, and she gave birth to daughter Sailor.17 feb. 2021

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