Day: March 31, 2022

is ricki lake married

Who is Ricki Lake’s new husband? The former talk show host Ricki Lake and Ross Burningham wed in an intimate backyard celebration in Malibu, Calif. Ricki Lake said she doesn’t care if she sounds “hippy-dippy woo-woo.” The actor, documentary filmmaker and former talk show host credits her second husband, Christian Evans, with leading her to her third.14 jan. 2022

is mary padian married

Is Mary Padian in a relationship? Who is Mary Padian’s husband? However during one of the episodes of Storage Wars, Mary introduced her boyfriend called Dylan. In the show, Dylan accompanied her to various auctions. Unfortunately the reality TV star has not said much regarding her relationship since 2016.17 dec. 2021

is marvin winans married

Is Marvin Winans still married? The gospel legend announced to his church — in a moment captured on video — that he and his girlfriend, Deneen Carter, of 15 years are getting married. Marvin Winans Sr. was previously married to Vicki Winans for 16 years before they divorced in the mid-90s.

is laura marano married

Is Ross Lynch still married to Laura Marano? Lynch and Marano have always shared a special relationship (albeit, not a romantic one — sorry Raura shippers). In fact, one time, Lynch even admitted he felt like he was practically married to his co-star. “[Laura and I] are kind of like a married couple,” Lynch told J-14 in October 2013.

is julianne moore married

Is Julianne Moore still married? ACCLAIMED actress Julianne Moore has been married to film director Bart Freundlich for nearly two decades. Moore, known for maintaining a relatively low public profile, has appeared in some of her husband’s movies.

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