is adam devine married

Who is Adam DeVine wife?

Chloe Bridges and Adam Devine’s Romantic Oceanside Wedding in Cabo San Lucas | Vogue.14 dec. 2021

Are Adam DeVine and Chloe still together?

Workaholics and Pitch Perfect star Adam Devine recently married Chloe Bridges. So of course we’re checking out their most adorable moments. Ah, aca-love! Pitch Perfect actor Adam DeVine and actress Chloe Bridges recently married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after six years of dating.14 okt. 2021

When did Chloe and Adam start dating?

Adam DeVine began dating Chloe Bridges in 2015 after they met on the set of their film “The Final Girls” (via Entertainment Weekly). Since connecting DeVine and Bridges have become one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. After a few years of dating, the pair got engaged in 2019.11 okt. 2021

How do I contact Danny McBride?

CALL US TODAY (725) 228-5100 and speak with a CTI Danny McBride booking agent to get direct availability and pricing for having this talent to work your event.

Is Danny McBride still married?

McBride has been married to art director Gia Ruiz since October 15, 2010. They have a son and a daughter. He lives with his family in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where does Bill Murray live now?

Sullivan’s IslandWilmetteUpstate New YorkMalibu

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