is alex langlands married

What happened to Alex Langlands?

He studied and worked in London for twelve years before moving to a remote cottage in the depths of the Wiltshire countryside for ten years. He now lives in Swansea with his wife and two children.

What is Peter Ginn doing now?

Peter Ginn still struggles to spell the work archaeology despite having written several books, worked on numerous sites, taught many courses and studied at length at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. … Peter now lives in Somerset in an amazing Victorian mansion that he is renovating.

Did they actually live on the Victorian farm?

According to some interviews I read before the series started, they don’t actually live there continuously for the year, but they are there for prolonged periods of time.

Is Ruth Goodman still married?

She is married to Tudor reenactor and musician Mark Goodman (who is featured in one episode of Tudor Monastery Farm).

Where was Tales from the Green Valley filmed?

The series recreates everyday life on a small farm in Gray Hill, Monmouthshire, Wales, in the period, using authentic replica equipment and clothing, original recipes and reconstructed building techniques.

How do I watch wartime farm?

How to Watch Wartime Farm. You are able to stream Wartime Farm for free on Tubi.

When was the Edwardian Farm filmed?

Edwardian Farm is a British historical documentary TV series in twelve parts, first shown on BBC Two from November 2010 to January 2011.

Where was wartime farm filmed?

The series, the fourth in the historic farm series, following the original, Tales from the Green Valley, was made for the BBC by independent production company Lion Television in association with the Open University, and was filmed at Manor Farm Country Park close to Southampton.

Who owns Acton Scott Farm?

Owned by the Acton family for approaching 900 years, it remains in their hands today and consists of a number of small farmsteads, stone and timber framed cottages, ancient woodland and open pasture, amounting to some 1,500 acres.

Where was our Victorian Christmas Channel 5 filmed?

Where is the Victoria Christmas special filmed? Most of the Christmas special was filmed at Harewood House, a country house in Yorkshire near Leeds.

Who is the woman on inside the factory?

CHERRY Healey is a familiar due to her appearances on BBC Three documentaries over the last ten years. Now the TV host is appearing on Inside The Factory.

What happened to the Green Valley Farm?

Due to Covid, lock downs/border closures/snap lock-downs, Green Valley Farm has been hit financially with big losses & we have been unable to find the extra $$$ at this stage to have the in ground pool in the garden repaired & up & running ☹ we are so sorry…

When was Tales from the Green Valley filmed?

A historical documentary TV series in 12 parts, first shown on BBC2 in autumn 2005 and it follows historians and archaeologists as they recreate farm life from the age of the Stuarts.

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