is amos lee married

What is Amos Lee’s race?

Amos Lee describes himself as being of mixed heritage; he admits he is not fully aware of his background. He maintains a residence in West Philadelphia.

Is Amos Lee adopted?

He followed it up in 2015 with a live album, performed with the Colorado Symphony. Lee, who was born on June 22 1977, came late to music. He was born Ryan Anthony Massaro and adopted Amos Lee as his stage name (“it sounded funky”) after a spell as a teacher and a bartender (not at the same time).

Is Amos Lee a country song?

Philadelphian Amos Lee’s Country-Fried Soul Singer-songwriter Amos Lee grew up around Philadelphia, but the former teacher and bartender’s music sounds more like he came from a background of porch swings and wide-open spaces.

How do I contact Amos Lee?

Amos Lee Management If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: [email protected]

Who plays bass for Amos Lee?

Amos Lee is the debut album by American singer and songwriter Amos Lee. The album was released by Blue Note on March 1, 2005, and produced by Lee Alexander, who played bass for Norah Jones.

When did Amos Lee release sweet pea?

“Sweet Pea” (from 2006’s Supply and Demand) is pretty light. What’s funny about that song is it was kind of a fluke.

Does Amos Lee write his own songs?

Singer-songwriter Amos Lee has reached a sweet spot in his career. At 37, he has a decade of professional recording and performing behind him now and has found his own distinct voice, both as a writer and as a singer.

How much does Amos Lee make?

Amos Lee Net Worth : $ 6,00,000Per Day:Per Hour:Per Second:$ 1140$ 19$ 0.05

What kind of guitar does Amos Lee play?

Leah Garaas: What kind of guitar do you have with you today? Amos Lee:It’s a Gibson J-100.

Who is Amos Lee touring with?

Announcing the 2022 Summer Tour with special guest Neal Francis.

Who wrote Sweet Pea Amos Lee?

Sweet Pea (song)”Sweet Pea”Single by Tommy RoeLength2:19LabelABC Records 10762Songwriter(s)Tommy Roe7 more rows

Who manages Amos Lee?

Amos Lee • Red Light Management.

Where is Amos Lee from?

If your musical roots were cultivated in Philadelphia, singer/songwriter Amos Lee feels like home. Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Amos definitely exudes that soulful Philly sound.

What is Amos Lee best album?

Amos Lee best albumsMission Bell. Amos Lee.Supply And Demand. Amos Lee.Last Days At The Lodge. Amos Lee.Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song. Amos Lee.Live At Red Rocks With The Colorado Symphony. Live. Amos Lee.Spirit. Amos Lee.My New Moon. Amos Lee.Dreamland. Amos Lee.More items…

Is Amos Lee touring?

Amos Lee announces new album ‘Dreamland’, 2022 tour coming to The Met; listen to “Shoulda Known Better” … In addition to the record, Lee has announced a 2022 spring tour that brings him back for a hometown show on Friday, April 15th at The Met Philly.

Who is Amos Lee’s drummer?

Amos Lee and Freddy Berman: Singer, drummer, bandmates, friends. Kensington-born singer-songwriter Amos Lee, with his funky, chic new album, Spirit, appears at the Academy of Music on Sunday. When he hits that stage, he will, as always, be with his oldest pal and longtime drummer, Freddie Berman.

Who is Maren Morris bass player?

Annie Clements – Premier Guitar. Born and raised in New Orleans, daughter of local legend blues guitarist Cranston Clements, Annie Clements is a Nashville bassist currently touring with pop-country star Maren Morris.

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