is ana vidovic married

Where does Ana Vidovic live now?

Ana earned her Artist diploma and graduated from Peabody Conservatory in 2003 and has resided in the Baltimore area since that milestone achievement.

Where did Ana Vidovic study?

Ana Vidović (born 8 November 1980) is a classical guitarist originally from Croatia….Ana VidovićAlma materZagreb Academy of Music Peabody InstituteMusical careerInstrumentsClassical guitarYears active1988–present5 autres lignes

What strings does Ana Vidovic use?

Ana uses normal-tension D’Addario J46 strings. She changes the bass strings before every concert except when she is playing on consecutive nights. She changes the trebles, which last a long time, less frequently.

Who nationality is Ana Vidovic?

Ana Vidovic comes from the small town of Karlovac near Zagreb, Croatia, and started playing guitar at the age of 5. At age 7, she gave her first public performance and at the age of 11 she was performing internationally.

What strings did John Williams use?

For strings John uses D’Addario Pro Arté EJ46LP strings with lightly polished composite bass strings. The polishing of the strings helps to reduce finger noise.21 juil. 2010

What brand guitar does Ana Vidovic play?

Jim Redgate is a highly sought-after Australian luthier, known for his guitars built for artists such as Ana Vidovic, Pepe Roméro and Odair Assad. This lattice-braced model is an exact copy of the guitar that Ana Vidovic plays. Jim Redgate’s instruments have their own sound and touch.

How good is Ana Vidovic?

Ana Vidovic is a classical guitar virtuoso. … And this is where Vidovic excels. Her interpretations have more range in dynamics than almost any other guitarist. She is the queen of pianissimo, able to play so softly you think you might need an ear-trumpet; softly, but with clarity.

Why is Ana Vidovic important?

Hailed as one of the elite classical guitarists in the world today, Ana Vidovic is recognized for her beautiful tone, impeccable technique, well-defined phrasing, and soulful musicianship.

What type of music does Ana Vidovic play?

ana vidovic, classical guitar.

What guitar does Alexandra Whittingham play?

The main guitar I use is a Christopher Dean, which is modelled around a Hauser guitar.

Is guitar a classical instrument?

An acoustic wooden string instrument with strings made of gut or nylon, it is a precursor of the modern acoustic and electric guitars, both of which use metal strings….Classical guitar.String instrumentDevelopedmodern classical guitar was developed in the late 19th century in Spain.Playing rangeRelated instruments7 autres lignes

Who makes John Williams guitar?

Williams is a visiting professor and honorary member of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Williams mostly uses Greg Smallman guitars, after using Spanish Fleta during the 1970s.

What tension strings does John Williams use?

I always use D’addario hard tension strings since I am a proud D’addario artist and still find them irresistible.

What strings does Julian Bream use?

I have always played Savarez strings.

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