is andrew gray married

Are Kelli and Andrew still together?

After more than five years together, Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray are going their separate ways. The stars of Netflix’s Bling Empire announced Tuesday in statements shared to their respective Instagram accounts that that they both “made the difficult decision” to split.9 mar 2021

Who is Kelly Mi Li husband?

Who is Kelly Mi Li’s ex-husband and what happened to him? As hinted at in Bling Empire, Kelly was once married to Lin Miao, a founder and CEO of a texting company who was arrested for “running one of the largest cyber scams in American history” roughly 10 years ago.

Is Andrew abusive to Kelly?

While Bling Empire producers don’t warn viewers about Andrew’s toxic behavior or mention abuse, the general consensus is that Andrew is psychologically abusive toward Kelly. He also clearly manipulates and gaslights her.8 feb 2021

Is Kelly dating Andrew?

Two big things have happened within the world of Bling Empire this week: Netflix has renewed the show for season two, and resident couple Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray have called it quits after five and a half years of dating. On their separate Instagram accounts, the couple announced their official breakup on March 9.

How did Andrew and Kelly meet?

Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray discussing their relationship on Bling Empire. As Bling Empire viewers saw during season 1, the couple — who met at a mutual friend’s birthday party six years ago, according to Mi Li — split up and Gray moved into his own place. They are still in “separate households” now, she confirms.

Are Kelly and Kevin from Bling Empire together?

However, after several months apart, Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray reunited, and they are now happily back together. Kelly insists that since they resumed their relationship, “He’s been a completely different person.” As for Kevin, he seems to still be single.

What nationality is Kelly on Bling Empire?

The celebrity was born in Kunming, China, on 13th November 1985.7 lug 2021

Do Kelly and Andrew break up in Bling Empire?

It’s official: Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray have broken up. The tumultuous, some might say toxic, relationship was one of the main subplots of Netflix’s Bling Empire, which documented their roller coaster romance as it peaked, dropped and eventually just crashed and burned this week.

Who is Kelly’s boyfriend on Bling Empire?

Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li SPLITS from boyfriend Andrew Gray after fans slammed his TV tirades as ‘toxic & abusive’ KELLY Mi Li and her controversial boyfriend Andrew Gray have officially called it quits, after reuniting in June of 2020.9 mar 2021

Why did Kelly and Andrew break up?

Fans will remember in season 1 of Bling Empire when the pair split up. Kelly was unsure of her future, so she asked Andrew to move out. As far as fans know, that is the last time the two split. However, after filming season 1 Kelly and Andrew gave their relationship another try.

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