is andrew humphrey from channel 4 married

Who is Andrew Humphrey?

Andrew Humphrey, CBM, is an Emmy award winning meteorologist and reporter at WDIV-TV Local 4. He is the first and only Detroit meteorologist with two degrees in meteorology and the first and only broadcast meteorologist in America and the world with a degree in meteorology from MIT.

Who is the chief meteorologist on channel4?

Doug Kammerer is News4’s Chief Meteorologist, forecasting the weather weekdays on News4 at 4, 5, 6 and 11 and working with NBC4’s team of meteorologists to bring viewers the most accurate, complete weather information on air, online and on 103.5 WTOP Radio.

Why is Ben Bailey leaving WDIV?

Deadline Detroit reports that Bailey disagreed with the WDIV policy requiring unvaccinated staff to wear masks, but WDIV gm Marla Drutz said the move was Bailey’s decision and that it wasn’t “related per se to any kind of masking rules.” …

Who is Shawn Ley married to?

Ley is married to his wife Sandra Ali. His career has led Ley to move several times, it was during a one-year stint in Detroit that Ley met Sandra Ali while working at WDIV. The couple ended up moving to Cincinnati before returning to Detroit in 2010. The pair both work as anchors at WDIV.

Is Doug Kammerer still married?

Doug Kammerer Wife and Children Kammerer is happily married to his lovely wife Holly Roehl, a social worker and philanthropist. His wife is widely known for securing the third position in the 1990 Miss Teen USA, and winning the Miss Georgia Teen contest.

What happened to the weather guy on Channel 4?

Local 4’s chief meteorologist Ben Bailey is leaving the station and said his on-air goodbyes early Saturday morning. Marla Drutz, Local 4’s general manager, told Deadline Detroit the split was amicable. … “Ben’s been thinking about this for a while,” Drutz said.

Who is leaving Channel 4?

Broadcast reporter Larry Spruill, who joined WDIV-TV (Channel 4) in 2018 amid a polar vortex, announced Thursday he’s leaving the station.

Where is the Cash Cab guy now?

Once a full-time Morning DJ, Growe has since transitioned into stand-up comedy and television. He now resides in Toronto, and while shooting Cash Cab, he made his theatrical debut with Adam Growe’s The Mom and Pop Shop, a hit one-man show at the 2008 Toronto Fringe Festival.

How tall is the Cash Cab guy?

Standing at 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm), he was offered a job as a bouncer for The Comedy Store after bumming a cigarette from a man in the parking lot.

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