is andrew peters married

Is Andi Peters married or in a relationship?

Andi keeps his personal life very private. If he is in a relationship, he’s done a great job of keeping it out of the public eye. There doesn’t seem to be any records of him having ever married and the last public comment he made about his relationship status was in 2016 when he confirmed he was single.

Is Andy from GMTV married?

He also has produced television programmes, including BBC’s Top Of The Pops. Andi has always maintained a certain level of privacy when it comes to his love life and as far as we know, Andi Peter is not married or ever had a wedding.

What happened to Andy Peters?

Peters hosted The Broom Cupboard for just over four years, leaving in 1993. He went on to present Take Two, a BBC children’s comments programme and BBC Children’s television programme Live & Kicking with Emma Forbes and John Barrowman. … Since Christmas 2020, Peters has been guest hosting the ITV show Lorraine.

Does Andi Peters have siblings?

Rebecca PetersJohnny Peters

Is Steven Mulherns married?

Is Stephen Mulhern married? No he isn’t and is very private about his personal life. During an interview with Celebs Now in February, 2018, Stephen admitted to having been single for four years, insisting that he’d been a “single pringle” for quite some time. “Last time I went on a date was about four years ago.

Is Andi Peters a guy?

As far as we know Andi Peters is not gay or bisexual, he has not officially come out about his sexuality or made a public statement about his sexual orientation. However, history has proven that Peters’ is an extremely private man, who rarely gives interviews to the press and never talks about his personal life.

Did Andy Peters do Blue Peter?

He graduated from the cupboard in 1993 for a move to brand new Saturday morning show, Live and Kicking. However, Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard claimed Andi had actually applied to host Blue Peter, but didn’t get the part. Andi snapped back: “Rude! Quick fact check – I was offered the Blue Peter job!15.10.2021

Who is on the instigators?

“The Instigators” featuring co-hosts Brian Duff and Martin Biron covers not only the Buffalo Sabres, but topics from all over the hockey world. Fans can now get their hockey fix every Tuesday through Friday from noon to 1 p.m. by watching on MSG, listening on WGR 550 and engaging with The Instigators on social media.

Does Andy Peters live in Richmond?

Andi lives in South West London near fellow presenter Ben Shephard, which was revealed when Andi surprised Ben by presenting his segment in Ben’s garden one day. He also regularly frequents Richmond Park in West London, but it’s not established which part of the SW postcode he actually occupies.31.03.2021

How rich is Susanna Reid?

Susanna Reid’s net worth is estimated to be £7.3million according to Apparently, Susanna’s wage for working on GMB is higher than £750,000, Entertainment Daily reports.30.09.2021

Who worked with Ed the Duck?

Edd the Duck (originally Ed the Duck) is a puppet duck which appeared on the CBBC interstitial programme The Broom Cupboard alongside presenters Andy Crane and Andi Peters. His movements were performed by Christina Mackay-Robinson, an assistant producer employed by the BBC.

Where is Simon Parkin now?

A professional broadcaster for over thirty years, Simon became a well-known personality through his work with the BBC on Children’s BBC, But First This, Top of the Pops and The O Zone and at ITV on GMTV, Granada, HTV West, Westcountry and Meridian. He now presents Simon Parkin In The Morning on BBC Somerset.

Which TV presenter started in a broom cupboard?

At 3.55pm on 9 September 1985, Phillip Schofield presented the first slot for the all-new Children’s BBC. His introductions to the programmes came from a tiny control desk, dubbed the Broom Cupboard.

Who is Steven Mulherns partner?

At the moment, it seems as though Stephen Mulhern is not married. There were rumours circulating that he was dating or could be getting hitched to actor Emma Barton in the past. However it was reported that the couple split in 2017.

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