is anna griffin married

Who is Anna Griffin’s husband?

Anne Dias Griffin, whose hedge-fund billionaire husband, Kenneth Griffin, filed for divorce in July, on Tuesday asked a Cook County Circuit Court to declare their prenuptial agreement invalid and to award her an “equitable” share of the couple’s property.

What is Anna Griffin worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Anna Griffin is at least $1.73 Million dollars as of 7 October 2021. Anna Griffin owns over 663 units of Smartsheet Inc stock worth over $915,095 and over the last 2 years Anna sold SMAR stock worth over $817,111.

Who’s Anna Griffin?

Anna Griffin Inc. is an internationally-known, high-end gift, stationery and craft brand located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1994 by Anna Griffin, the company made its mark on the gift industry by creating custom wedding invitation kits that could be printed at home.

How long has Anna Griffin been on hsn?

Hello there, Today we are going to take a look back at some of our most memorable crafting items from the last 10 years on HSN. Did you know that our brand is now over 25 years old and I have been selling crafts on TV for more than 18 years?Jan 22, 2020

How can I contact Anna Griffin?

Call customer service at 1 (888) 817-8170.

What size are Anna Griffin cards?

Anna Griffin® 5″x7″ Ivory Cards and Envelopes This essential set of 5″x7″ folded cards and envelopes in a beautiful ivory color coordinates with the entire Anna Griffin collection.

What day is craft day on HSN?

Jan 19th Crafting Day TS – HSN Community.

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