is anton armstrong married

Where is Anton Armstrong?

Armstrong is currently the summer music director of the Youth Choral Academy of the Oregon Bach Festival. The 12-day choral festival is based in Eugene, Oregon. He is an editor for Earthsongs Publications and co-editor of Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

Who is tesfa Wondemagegnehu?

Tesfa Wondemagegnehu is an assistant professor of music at St. Olaf College and serves as the conductor for the St. Olaf Chapel Choir and Viking Chorus.

Why does St Olaf Choir hold hands?

The choir members must sing from memory, because their long tradition is to hold hands in performance.

Where does Dr Anton Armstrong work How long has he worked there?

Dr. Armstrong is widely recognized for his work in the area of youth and children’s choral music. He served for over twenty years on the summer faculty of the American Boychoir School, Princeton, New Jersey and held the position of Conductor of the St.

How many choirs does St Olaf have?

St Olaf is well known for their award-winning ensembles. With seven choirs, two orchestras, two concert bands, three jazz bands, and a variety of chamber ensembles, there is a place for everyone to find a musical home.

Who is tesfa?

Background. CARE launched TESFA (which means “hope” in Amharic) in 2010, to mitigate the challenges faced by married adolescent girls in the South Gondar zone of the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

What are the different St Olaf choirs?

St. Olaf Music EnsemblesSt. Olaf Band. St. Olaf Band.St. Olaf Choir. St. Olaf Choir.St. Olaf Orchestra. St. Olaf Orchestra.St. Olaf Jazz Bands. St. Olaf Jazz Bands.St. Olaf Philharmonia. St. Olaf Philharmonia.Norseman Band. Norseman Band.St. Olaf Cantorei. St. Olaf Cantorei.St. Olaf Chapel Choir. St. Olaf Chapel Choir.Altre voci…

Where did Anton Armstrong go to college?

He is a graduate of St. Olaf College and earned advanced degrees at the University of Illinois (MM) and Michigan State University (DMA). He is editor of a multicultural choral series for Earthsongs Publications and co-editor (with John Ferguson) of the revised St.

Who directs the St Olaf Choir?

Anton Armtrong, Conductor Anton Armstrong, Tosdal Professor of Music, has been conductor of the St. Olaf Choir since 1990.

Is Saint Olaf Minnesota a real place?

Olaf is a town located in northern Minnesota, the often-referred to hometown of Rose Nylund from the 1985-1992 sitcom The Golden Girls. The town is often thought to be of fictional origin, but this town does, in fact, exist in Minnesota.

Can you double major at St Olaf?

The OLE Core Curriculum provisions of St. Olaf’s liberal arts curriculum are designed to encourage in students a breadth of knowledge. … Some students choose to double major or to pursue a concentration or certification program in addition to a disciplinary major or to develop an area of emphasis within a major.

Does St Olaf have a marching band?

The St. Olaf Band is the only American college or university band ever to play in concert with the Kneller Hall musicians.

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