is anusha dandekar married

Who is the husband of Anusha?

Family, Boyfriend & RelationshipsFather NameShashidhar DandekarMother NameSulabha DandekarSister NameApeksha Dandekar and Shibani DandekarBoyfriendRannvijay Singha and Karan KundraMarital StatusUnmarried

Is Karan Kundra married?

Following his break-up, Karan hasn’t publicly dated anyone yet. The actor has said that he is single and doesn’t want to mingle.05.10.2021

Are Shibani Dandekar and Anusha Dandekar sisters?

Shibani DandekarApeksha Dandekar

Are Anusha and Shibani sister?

Anusha DandekarApeksha Dandekar

Is Karan Kundra a Malayali?

Karan is half-Punjabi, half-Malayalee. And while he insists he isn t seeing anyone, he reveals his idea of a dream woman.28.05.2009

How rich is Karan Kundra?

Karan Kundra Net Worth 2022NameKaran KundrraProfessionTV Actor ModelNet Worth (2022)$1 MillionNet Worth In Rupees5-6 Crore INR 4.12 Crore INR (in 2019 acc to Forbes)Per Week Salary For Bigg Boss 158 Lakh3 weitere Zeilen•12.12.2021

Who is Farhan Akhtar wife?

Shibani Dandekarm. 2022Adhuna Bhabani Akhtarm. 2000–2017

Who are Farhan Akhtar parents?

Javed AkhtarHoney Irani

Who are Dandekar sisters?

Anusha DandekarApeksha Dandekar

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