is artist robert wyland married

How old is Wyland?

Wyland (born July 9, 1956) is an American artist and conservationist best known for his more than 100 Whaling Walls, large outdoor murals featuring images of life-size whales and other sea life.

Where does Wyland live now?

LAGUNA BEACH, CA—World renowned artist, Robert Wyland lives and works in his Laguna Beach, California studio.5 aug. 2016

What is wylands net worth?

But his company, Wyland Worldwide, makes millions of dollars selling his paintings, prints and sculptures at 28 galleries nationwide. His licensed merchandise, ranging from puzzles to tote bags and surfboards, are sold at outlets such as zoos and hotels. He said his net worth is about $87 million.

What is artist Wyland first name?

(His full name is Robert Wyland, but he digs the one-name thing.)24 juni 2006

Who owns Wyland Galleries?

Bill Wyland Galleries showcases a wide variety of more than 25 world-renowned local and international artists. Owner and founder Bill Wyland hand selected the best new and established talent of the Pacific and placed them under one roof in the historic Lahaina theater building.

How many Wyland Whaling Walls are there?

Wyland: 100 Whaling Walls Intro.17 feb. 2017

Does Wyland still paint?

Today, Wyland art is collected in all fifty states and more than one hundred countries. He founded Wyland Galleries in 1978 with his first studio gallery in Laguna Beach where he lives today, and has influenced numerous traditional and street artists, including L.A.-based O.G.

How old was Wyland when he first saw the ocean?

Watch the Aquatic Art of Wyland Come to Life He was fourteen years old, visiting Southern California when he first encountered the Pacific Ocean.20 aug. 2018

Who is John Wyland?

Originally from Salem, Oregon, John Wyland has been with the company since 2005. During his tenure with JT Smith Companies, he has enjoyed many leadership positions including serving on the management team for the development of the 2012 Street of Dreams at Teresa’s Vineyard.

Where can I sell Wyland paintings?

Wyland is one of the many artists that we offer for sale at Doubletake Gallery, a premier fine art consignment gallery. Along with many works by Wyland, you’ll find hundreds of other treasures at the Doubletake Gallery website, one of the easiest to use, most content rich art gallery websites on the Internet.3 aug. 2015

What 4 different types of art is Wyland known for?

One of the most celebrated artists and conservationists of our time, Wyland has captivated the world with his spectacular paintings, sculptures, photography and landmark Whaling Wall murals.

Where did Wyland grow up?

Born on July 9, 1956, in Detroit, Michigan, Wyland grew up in Madison Heights, Michigan, and attended Lamphere High School and the College for Creative Studies. At an early age, he developed a keen interest in marine life and a strong belief in caring for the environment.

What kind of paint does Wyland use?

Wyland works on canvas with non-toxic water-based oil paint to re-create scenes from the Pacific Ocean.

What is the whale building in Long Beach?

The “Wyland Whaling Wall” at the Long Beach, CA Convention Center is in the Guinness Book of World Records! The “Wyland Whaling Wall” on the Long Beach Arena, which is part of the Long Beach Convention Center complex, measuring in at a whopping 116,000 square feet, is the world’s largest mural!22 juni 2015

Who is the painter of marine life painting?

It’s difficult to think of another modern public figure more closely associated with oceanic life than Guy Harvey. His marine artwork is internationally acclaimed, his underwater conservation work is unparalleled, and his “wearable art” is hugely popular—people proudly wear Guy Harvey shirts all over the world.9 feb. 2018

When did Wyland create art?

How did Robert Wyland get started creating art? In the 1970s, Wyland, a native of Madison Heights, Michigan, attended Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies. 1981, he painted his first Whaling Wall mural at a Laguna Beach parking lot after moving to Laguna Beach in 1977.

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