is azfar rehman married

Is Azfar Rehman still married?

He is currently playing the roles of Sheharyar in Aatish and Raheel in Qadam Qadam Ishq. He is sometimes credited as Mohammad Azfar. Azfar got married back in 2017 , His wife’s name is Fiya Sheikh. Azfar and Fiya are parents of a baby boy now who is one year old.

Is Azfar Rehman from Kashmir?

Of Kashmiri descent, Rehman was born in Karachi on 7 June 1987.

Is Sajal Aly older than Saboor?

Saboor Aly (Urdu: صبور علی) is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu films and television series. The younger sister of actress Sajal Aly, she began her acting career with a supporting role with her sister in the family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain (2011), but garnered recognition with a comic role in the sitcom Mr.

Why did Azfar divorce Salma?

Salma said, “Azfar gave me the option of staying married to him even after he got married to Naveen but forgiving him appeared to be much easier if I had no relationship with him. I wouldn’t have been able to forgive him or move on had I stayed married to him therefore I decided to leave him.

Why did Naveen Waqar get divorced?

According to Azfar, the decision to split was mutual. “I don’t think the reason behind the divorce is important, it’ll be enough to say that we were not getting along and if things are not happy at home, there is no point in dragging them on,” he said.30 nov. 2015

Who is Tabish Hashmi?

Tabish Hashmi is a very famous Pakistani Host who has made his name after continuous struggle. Previously, he used to be a standup comedian and wasn’t that famous until he was given chance by Azfar Ali for a web show on Nashpati Prime .

Who is Hiba Bukhari husband?

Bukhari has played a role of Seemal in the Hum TV’s Thori Si Wafa (2017) for which she won the Hum Award for Best Soap Actress….Hiba BukhariOccupationActressSpouse(s)Arez Ahmed ​ ( m. 2022)​4 rader till

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