is bea alonzo married

Is Bea Alonzo in a relationship?

Love is definitely in the air for Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo and her boyfriend, actor Dominic Roque. In an Instagram post yesterday (October 6), the 33-year-old star shared a beautiful couple photo, where she lovingly kisses her boyfriend’s cheek.7 okt. 2021

Who is BEA Alonzos husband?

15 Sep – Bea Alonzo recently admitted that she has already considered boyfriend Dominic Roque husband material. In an interview with the GMA comedy talk show “The Boobay and Tekla Show”, the actress stated that she would never be in a relationship just for the sake of it at this point in her life.14 sep. 2021

How long did Bea and Zanjoe dated?

“My relationship with Zanjoe lasted for six years. Until now we’re good friends. I’m friends with the family,” Alonzo said.20 dec. 2020

Did Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd date?

Despite their popularity as love team, both John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo are consistent in denying insinuations they were involved romantically in real life.

Who is Bea dating?

Bea Alonzo confirms her relationship with Dominic Roque. After months of speculation, Bea Alonzo has confirmed that she’s in a relationship with Dominic Roque.10 aug. 2021

Who is dating Jake Cuenca?

Jake Cuenca is dating the Filipino actress and model Kylie Verzosa. They officially confirmed that they were a couple in 2019 after a lot of dating rumors and PDA photographs circling around on the internet. The two first met when they were filming a movie called Ang Panday in 2017.12 okt. 2021

Is John Lloyd Cruz married?

John Lloyd CruzAgentStar Magic (1997–2019) Crown Artist Management (2021–present)Height1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)Partner(s)Ellen Adarna (2017–2018)Children15 rader till

Why Bea Alonzo is her screen name?

The Meaning Behind Bea Alonzo’s Real Name, Phylbert So she got her father’s name—which is where we’re guessing the Phylbert part came from—and “pinagdugtong-dugtong ko lang.” That is just one of the most popular ways Pinoys make up truly unique names!13 jan. 2021

How is Beth Tamayo related to Dominic Roque?

For those who don’t know yet, Zeny Tamayo is the mother of actress Beth Tamayo, who is the aunt of Dominic.12 sep. 2021

Who is Angelica Panganiban ex?

It’s not a secret that Angelica had gone through several failed relationships in the past, the most recent was with fellow ABS-CBN contract artist John Lloyd Cruz that lasted for nearly four years. For a while in 2018, she also dated ex-boyfriend Carlo Aquino, but the romance died shortly after.

Is Bea and Gerald still together?

MANILA — Bea Alonzo crossed paths with Gerald Anderson only once after their breakup — and she wanted to slap him. Alonzo sparked the controversy surrounding their separation in July 2019, when she hinted at Anderson’s supposed infidelity through social media and then accused him of “ghosting” her.9 apr. 2021

Is Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz getting married?

Ngayon, feeling ko we’re at that point where, feeling ko, it goes beyond romance to me ah,” Bea said. When asked if it’s possible for her and John Lloyd to finally be in a relationship, Bea answered affirmative. “Hindi ko sinasabing open ako, but I’m not married and he’s not married, so yeah.10 apr. 2021

Is Ellen and John Lloyd still together?

Ellen and John Lloyd made the headlines when they took a break from showbiz following reports that they were in a relationship. Ellen gave birth to Elias, her son with John Lloyd, in 2018. But the couple broke up in 2019. The actress said she is “co-parenting” Elias with John Lloyd, who she describes as a good father.9 jan. 2021

What happened to John Lloyd Cruz?

Actor John Lloyd Cruz is now under GMA Network. GMA announced on Tuesday, November 9, that actor John Lloyd Cruz has joined the network. “John Lloyd Cruz is officially back,” GMA announced in a tweet, alongside the hashtag #JLConGMA.9 nov. 2021

What age is BEA Pokemon?

Flame Trainer Allister: 13, Bea: 15, I think Allister’s easily the youngest Gym leader, further contributing to his anxieties.4 dec. 2019

Who is Joseph Marco wife?

Joseph MarcoHeight5 ft 8 in (173 cm)Partner(s)Celeste Cortesi (2019–2020) Darja Romanova (2020–present)Musical careerGenresPop OPM11 rader till

What is John Lloyd Cruz’s name?

John Lloyd Cruz was born as John “Juward” Lloyd Espidol Cruz on June 24, 1983 to Luisito Llora and Aida Espidol Cruz. He is the youngest in the family. His family and some very close friends called him by his nickname “Idan”.

Did John Lloyd attend Ellen’s wedding?

Ultimate leading man John Lloyd Cruz finally broke his silence about his take on his ex Ellen Adarna’s wedding to actor Derek Ramsay. Very admirably, he only wished his ex and her husband the best. In his recent guest appearance on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, John Lloyd did not shy away answering questions about his ex.22 nov. 2021

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