is ben stiller married

Who is Ben Stiller married to today?

Ben StillerYears active1975–presentSpouse(s)Christine Taylor ​ ( m. 2000)​Children2ParentsJerry Stiller (father) Anne Meara (mother)11 more rows

Is Ben Stiller married to Marcia Brady?

Christine is Ben Stiller’s wife (Ben is the son of Jerry Stiller, who portrayed Frank Costanza on the Seinfeld series)….Christine TaylorSpouse(s):Ben Stiller, 2000-presentCharacter/Series involvementSeries:appeared in The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady SequelCharacter played:Marcia Brady9 more rows

Are Christine and Ben simply Nailogical married?

Rotenberg is the owner of the nail polish brand Holo Taco….Simply NailogicalPersonal informationBornCristine Raquel Rotenberg October 17, 1988 Richmond Hill, Ontario, CanadaOccupationCrime statistics analyst, YouTuber, nail polish company ‘Holo Taco’ ownerPartner(s)Benjamin Mazowita (2012–present)10 more rows

Who are Ben Stiller’s kids?

Ella Olivia StillerQuinlin Dempsey Stiller

Are Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller Friends?

Ben Stiller says things are looking up for his longtime pal and frequent costar Owen Wilson. “He’s doing really well,” Stiller, 41, tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show Friday. “I sort of like to protect his privacy, ’cause I feel like it’s his own thing,” says Stiller. “But he’s a really good friend of mine.

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