is billy joel married

Who is Billy Joel married to today?

Billy Joel Is Currently Married To Alexis Roderick The wedding was presided over by New York State governor Andrew Cuomo, a longtime friend of Joel’s. Roderick, who is 33 years younger than Joel, was a 29-year-old senior risk officer at Morgan Stanley when she began dating “Vienna” crooner in 2009.

What ethnicity is Billy Joel?

Joel, whose father was a German Jewish immigrant, was raised in Hicksville, a middle-class suburb on Long Island, New York. He was steered toward classical music by his parents and began piano lessons at age 4. At age 14, enamoured of the British Invasion and soul music, he began playing in bands.

Who is Billy Joels first wife?

Billy JoelYears active1964–presentSpouse(s)Elizabeth Weber Small ​ ​ ( m. 1973; div. 1982)​ Christie Brinkley ​ ​ ( m. 1985⁠–⁠1994)​ Katie Lee ​ ​ ( m. 2004; sep. 2009)​ Alexis Roderick ​ ( m. 2015)​Children3, including AlexaRelativesAlexander Joel (half-brother) Karl Amson Joel (grandfather)11 rader till

Who did Billy Joel marry first?

Billy Joel’s first wife was Elizabeth Weber Small. When their relationship began, she was married to Billy’s music partner Jon Small, with whom she had a son.29 dec. 2020

How old is Billy Joel’s current wife?

Alexis Roderickm. 2015Katie Leem. 2004–2009Christie Brinkleym. 1985–1994Elizabeth Weberm. 1973–1982

How much is Billy Joel net worth?

But Joel’s total net worth is several times more than that. While Forbes estimated his net worth in 2010 as $160 million, Joel said it is “north of that,” according to the 2014 biography Billy Joel, written by Fred Schreuers and detailed in the New York Daily News.18 okt. 2017

Do Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley have a daughter?

Alexa Ray Joel (born December 29, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Her parents are singer-songwriter Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley….Alexa Ray JoelYears active2006–presentParentsBilly Joel (father) Christie Brinkley (mother)RelativesKarl Amson Joel (great-grandfather)Musical career7 rader till

Are Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel still married?

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel were one of the most well-known couples around and most fans hoped that their marriage would last forever. Sadly, that didn’t happen, and the couple ultimately divorced in 1994.

Who is Christie Brinkley’s biological father?

Herbert HudsonDon Brinkley

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