is bishop noel jones married to loretta

Is Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta still together?

Bishop Noel Jones is finally getting married to his longtime girlfriend Loretta. The pastor recently popped the big question his fiance. After dating for almost two decades the couple is ready to move things forward.31.01.2022

How old is Loretta Noel Jones?

Loretta Jones Age-How Old Is Bishop Noel Jones Wife To Be? Loretta Jones must be 50-60 -years old. However, no source has come up to reveal it. On the other hand, her to-be-husband Noel Jones was born on 31 January 1950 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, as one of seven children to Bishop Robert and Marjorie Jones.

Who is Grace Jones brother Noel Jones?

Bishop Noel Jones is one of the breakout stars of Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A.,” but did you know that he has a sister who is more famous than he is? It turns out that Bishop Jones is the brother of none other than over-the-top ’80s singer and actress Grace Jones.08.11.2013

Where is Bishop Noel Jones now?

He is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, which has about 17,000 members, and was formerly the Greater Bethany Community Church.

Where does Grace Jones live today?

— Grace Jones, 2015. Marjorie and Robert eventually brought their children – including the 13 year old Grace – to live with them in the US, where they had settled in Lyncourt, Salina, New York, near Syracuse.

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