is black coffee still married

Is Black Coffee getting a divorce?

South African DJ Black Coffee finally speaks up about his divorce from Enhle Mbali and allegations of abuse and assault from his ex-wife. … In a statement, Mbali said: “It is my duty as a woman to not only fight for myself but for every single woman in South Africa. The time is now.

Who is black coffees new girlfriend?

This all after a very beautiful lady called Alexandra Cane tweeted and tagged him on a tweet saying: “Ready for a caffeine overdose” alongside a picture of her by a staircase. South African’s were just shocked that he found himself a catch so quickly after his recent divorce battle with Enhle Mbali.

Who filed for divorce Black Coffee?

South African actress, TV presenter and fashion designer, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa have lost her court bid to compel her estranged husband, DJ Black Coffee, to fork out millions of rand in legal fees and spousal and child maintenance. This comes after the couple parted ways in 2019 after four years of marriage.

Is Black Coffee and his wife back together?

“Look what happened to Enhle and Black Coffee. She came out saying GBV, he’s not paying electricity, now they back together,” MacG said. Enhle took to her Instagram stories to say is single. “I’m still very single .

What happened Black Coffee?

Black Coffee is an internationally renowned DJ who is known for performing with one hand, after meeting with an accident in 1990 that left his arm paralysed. … Thankfully, he was able to avoid amputation, however, he has not regained function of his arm ever since. Watch the video below.

Why did Black Coffee break up with his wife?

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali reportedly divorced in 2019 because of infidelity claims. Black Coffee has allegedly fathered two other children outside his marriage. … Enhle Mbali also went public about Black Coffee not paying their electricity bill at their marital home where she lives with their children.

Is Black Coffee disabled?

How many arms does Black Coffee have? Similar to any human being, he has two arms. However, his left arm was paralyzed. This was after he was involved in a car accident in his hometown in 1990.

What is black coffees net worth?

Black Coffee or Nkosinathi Maphumulo as his real name shows is one of the richest musicians in Africa. With a net worth of 60 million US dollars, Black Coffee comes second after Akon when African musicians are ranked.

How much does Mbali want from Black Coffee?

R4 million costs in legal fees that she wants Black Coffee to settle; More than R100 000 in monthly alimony payments (this excludes child support); Around R17 000 per month for her cosmetic upkeep; A hefty medical bill she accrued after she admitted herself into a depression clinic; and.

Is Black Coffee a Zulu?

Black Coffee was born in Durban in KwaZulu Natal and grew up in the Eastern Cape in Mthatha, before moving back to Durban to study music at Natal Tech where he majored in Jazz. … Black Coffee revealed that his first album was created using very basic music-making software.

What happened to Black Coffee and Zakes Bantwini?

But Black Coffee poured cold water on any talk of tension. “No there’s no conflict, we had our differences and both agreed not to have a working relationship anymore,” he replied. No there’s no conflict,we had our differences and both agreed not to have a working relationship anymore.

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