is bob phillips married

Are Bob and Kelli Phillips still married?

When RFD-TV launched in December 2000, Texas Country Reporter was one of its featured programs. … In 2007, Phillips married KFDM-TV anchor Kelli Lee (now Phillips), who joined him as co-host of Texas Country Reporter in September 2015. They currently reside in Dallas.

How much does Bob Phillips make?

Bob’s annual salary is estimated to be between $74,360 and $109,276. This is per our average wage estimates for a journalist in the United States.

How long has Bob Phillips Done Texas Country Reporter?

Bob Phillips loves telling the Texas story. He has done so through a television show that began in 1972 and is entering its 50th season.

How many children does Bob Phillips have?

On the personal side, Phillips, 56, says little—he’s been single since 40, no children. When not on the road or teaching at private Amberton University in Dallas, he relaxes at either his Dallas home, another in Beaumont or his Hill Country resort called Escondida (which is served by Bandera Electric Cooperative).

Who is Kelly Phillips?

Kelly is a Team Lead for Insights & Commentary at Bloomberg Tax. Her job is to tell stories about tax and help tax professionals share their stories. She also is a managing shareholder at The Erb Law Firm, P.C., where she focuses on tax law.

When did Kelly Phillips join TCR?

Two comprehensive video series have been released by Phillips’ company including “Best of Volume 1” and “Best of Volume 2”. “The Best of TCR Volume 3” is set to be released in 2018. In September 2015, Phillips’ wife, KFDM-TV anchor Kelli Phillips (formerly Kelli Lee), joined him as co-host and producer of the show.

How old is the Texas Country Reporter?

Texas Country Reporter has been on the air every week since 1972, first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, then all over Texas and, now, all over the lower 48 states via RFD-TV and worldwide via our YouTube channel.

How rich is Lou Diamond Phillips?

Early Life and Career Beginnings: Lou Diamond Phillips was born as Lou Diamond Upchurch in 1962 at the Subic Bay Naval Station in the Philippines. His father, Gerald, was a Marine KC-130 crew chief, and was an American of Cherokee and Scots-Irish descent….Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth.Net Worth:$6 MillionNationality:United States of America4 more rows

How old was Lou Diamond Phillips when he filmed La Bamba?

Lou Diamond Phillips was age 24 when he played teen-aged Ritchie Valens during filming in 1986. Marshall Crenshaw was age 33 when he played 22-year-old Buddy Holly.

How old is Kelly Lee Phillips?

Kelly Lee Phillips, 47, admitted responsibility for the Aug. 15, 2016, death of 59-year-old Desert Hot Springs resident Chandra Saras, whose body was discovered at a home at 61498 Mont Blanc Court. Police and prosecutors have not revealed how Saras died.

Where can I watch Texas Country Reporter?

You can watch TCR in several ways: Local TV stations in Texas, and some in Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. RFD-TV, a national cable & satellite channel, airs TCR Fridays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 6:30am CENTRAL. … Our YouTube channel features favorite segments for you to watch and share any time.

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