is bon jovi married

Is Bon Jovi still married to his first wife?

Hurley and Bon Jovi have been married since 1989, but they met while they were both still in high school. Both Hurley and Bon Jovi were born in 1962, making them 58 years old today.

Is Bon Jovi still married to his high school sweetheart?

He is the founder of The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, founded in 2006….Jon Bon JoviEducationSt. Joseph High School Sayreville War Memorial High SchoolOccupationSinger songwriter musician actorYears active1975–presentSpouse(s)Dorothea Hurley ​ ( m. 1989)​11 more rows

At what age did Bon Jovi get married?

“The songs all sound great, but then you hear them live!” Dorothea and Jon, who met while in high school and married in 1989 when Bon Jovi was at its peak of success, recently opened up to the magazine to reveal how their marriage has managed to withstand raising four kids, touring and the pressures of Hollywood.

How much are the members of Bon Jovi worth?

David Bryan has been the keyboardist and backing vocalist of Bon Jovi since the very first years of the band. Bryan has a net worth of $120 million, which is quite less compared to his bandmate, Jon Bon Jovi’s net worth.

Why did Bon Jovi break up?

Sambora publicly struggled with substance abuse problems for years and abruptly left the band in 2013. … Sambora pushed back against comments from Bon Jovi earlier this year, when he told the German outlet Rock Antenne that he “didn’t have his life together.”Dec 21, 2020

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