is brenda gantt married

What happened to Brenda’s husband?

Her husband, George, died one month after they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August 2018. “We worked as a team,” she said. … Their son and daughter-in-law were married at Hickory Ridge Lodge, and it became a popular wedding venue. In the large commercial kitchen, Brenda and George cooked for events.4 maj 2020

Did Brenda Gantt husband pass away?

George Gantt died on September 23, 2018, and over the last two-and-half-years, Brenda has immersed herself in family and friends.24 feb. 2021

Who is Brenda Gantts daughter?

Gantt’s daughter Hannah, and her husband, District Attorney Walt Merrell, have three children in the Andalusia City school system. The Merrell’s oldest daughter, Bay, (16), is a majorette with Andalusia’s “Sound Tradition” marching band.20 nov. 2019

Who was Brenda Gantts husband?

Her husband, George Patton Gantt, died in September 2018. The couple had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary a month before. George suffered from Alzheimer’s, and in his final years, Brenda was his caregiver. Before that, she was a mother, schoolteacher, ran a successful antique business, and a bed and breakfast.24 feb. 2021

Who is Brenda Gantt’s son?

George Patton Gantt, a lifelong resident of Andalusia, went to be with his heavenly Father on September 23, 2018, at the age of 72.23 sep. 2018

What soap does Brenda Gantt use?

Cooking with Brenda Gantt If you want a great soap that actually smells like good fresh soap then try this Amish Farm Soap. It has helped my skin ! If Miss Brenda says it’s good.

Where does Brenda Gantt live in Alabama?

Share with your friends! Nearly a year ago, 75-year-old Brenda Gantt made a how-to video from her home in Andalusia, Alabama about Easter egg dying. Next, her video on buttermilk biscuit-making — the third one she made — went viral. It now has 8 million views.4 apr. 2021

Does Brenda Gantt have a cookbook?

How many recipes are in the cookbook? Brenda Gantt’s first cookbook will include 100 of her favorite recipes along with personal stories, helpful instructions and photos of every recipe. … Her publisher, Hoffman Media is working hard to make her first cookbook a family favorite that you will enjoy.

What is Brenda Gantt maiden name?

It started out simply. Brenda Hicks Gantt – retired educator, grandmother of five and seasoned home cook – set out to make a quick video to show some young women at her church how easy it is to make homemade biscuits.4 jan. 2021

Who owns Gantt Lake?

The reservoir impounds the Conecuh River, and is approximately 2,700 acres in size with 21 miles of shoreline. The River Falls Power Company constructed Gantt Dam in the 1920s, but it is now operated by Alabama Electric Cooperative for hydropower generation.

Where can I buy a Brenda Gantt cookbook?

Brenda Gantt – It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all Cookbook! You can always order yours at or you can call, toll free, to 1-833-839-6871!27 mars 2021

What is Andalusia Alabama close to?

Andalusia, city, seat (1841) of Covington county, southern Alabama, U.S., near the Conecuh River, about 85 miles (135 km) south of Montgomery.

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