is charity lee married

What does charity Lee do for a living?

“I promised my daughter Ella that something meaningful and good would come out of her death,” said Lee. Charity now lives in Savannah and has dedicated her life to helping others through the Ella Foundation. She is the founder and director of the foundation that she started in 2011.

Who is Ella Bennett’s father?

In 1980, when I was only six years old, my father, James Robert Bennett Jr., was shot multiple times in the back with a . 357 Magnum early one morning in our home. His accused killer was arrested, charged, tried, and acquitted. Had she not been acquitted the death penalty would have been imposed.

How many kids does charity Lee have?

charged with, tried for, and acquitted of, murder-for-hire in his death. During her youth and young adulthood, she coped with mental health and addiction issues, experienced the birth of two children, Paris and Ella, and led a predominately successful life.

What happened to Paris Lee Bennett?

Paris is carrying out a 40-year punishment at the Ferguson Unit Texas State Prison. He is now 26 and will be qualified for parole in 2027.

Where can I watch psychopath with Piers Morgan?

Watch Psychopath with Piers Morgan | Netflix.

When was Paris Lee Bennett born?

Paris BennettBirth nameParis Ana’is BennettAlso known asParisBornAugust 21, 1988 Rockford, Illinois, U.S.OriginFayetteville, Georgia, U.S.

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