is cindi bigelow married

Who is the woman in the Bigelow Tea commercial?

Cindi holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston College, MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management and Honorary Doctorate from the University of New Haven. her as “Hometown Hero.”

How much is Bigelow Tea worth?

Their Charleston Tea Garden in South Carolina is the only tea garden in America, but does not produce the “Bigelow Tea Company” teas. Still a 100% family-owned business, Bigelow employs 350 people and had annual sales in 2009 of approximately US$90 million….Bigelow Tea Company.TypePrivateWebsitewww.bigelowtea.com9 more rows

Who founded Bigelow Tea?

In 1945, inspired by an early Colonial recipe and dissatisfied with the commodity tea that was commonplace in the 1940s, Ruth Campbell Bigelow focused her creative energies on formulating a better cup of tea in the kitchen of her New York City brownstone.

Who is the Bigelow family?

Eunice and David Bigelow, Co-Chairmen David, with the unwavering support of his wife Eunice, lead the company with integrity, passion, intelligence, kindness and a spirit of determination to its current prominence as the country’s #1 specialty tea company.

How old is David Bigelow?

DAVID BIGELOW, 91, TEA COMPANY HEAD. WILTON, Conn., Dec.. 14 — David E. Bigelow, a founder of the Bigelow Tea Company, died in Norwalk Hospital Friday aft er a long illness.

Is Bigelow green tea grown in China?

All Bigelow green tea is grown in China.

What does Bigelow mean?

This place name is not on early record; it means ‘big mound’, from early Modern English big + low ‘mound’, ‘hill’ (Old English hlaw). …

Where does Bigelow tea come from?

Bigelow touts that its tea is “manufactured in the USA 100% American Family owned.” However, the tea may not be made in the United States. The Bigelow website explains that some kinds of the tea are indeed made in the United States, while other varieties are sourced from around the world.

Does Bigelow Tea contain pesticides?

Their test results continually confirm that there are no pesticides in a brewed cup of Bigelow tea. Thus, all of their teas are 100% safe for your consumption. The same can’t be said for other popular tea bag brands though.

Is Bigelow organic?

Gluten -free, calorie-free, Organic certified; Bigelow tea delivers on all the health benefits of tea.

Is Bigelow Tea good for you?

Bigelow Tea has introduced three new flavours to the expanding line of Bigelow Benefits teas: Benefits Stress Free, Benefits Focus, and Benefits Lean and Fit. While all tea is inherently healthy and functional, the Benefits line, including the new flavours, offer wellness options for a healthy lifestyle.

Is Bigelow Aerospace still in business?

In March of last year, Bigelow Aerospace let go of more than 80 staff members and halted operations after 20 years of business.

Is Bigelow green tea herbal?

Over the years we have introduced many new flavors as well as concepts in tea. Today we offer a selection of deliciously different blends of teas and green teas, a wide variety of herbal teas and teas flavored with real fruit juice. Today Bigelow Tea is the number one specialty tea company in the United States.

Where does the name Bigelow originate from?

In ancient Anglo-Saxon England, the ancestors of the Bigelow surname lived near hills of barley. The surname Bigelow was also often derived from residence near one of the various settlements called Baguley, a name that originally means ram’s woodland.

What does Bigelow Aerospace do?

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bigelow Aerospace is a general contracting, research and development company that concentrates on achieving economic breakthroughs in the costs associated with the design, development, and construction of habitable space structures for private enterprise and government use.

What is in Bigelow green tea?

Green Tea comes from Camellia sinensis leaves that are immediately steamed or pan-fired rather than being exposed to air so that no oxidation occurs. This special handling makes for a more delicate brew that is typically lower in caffeine than black and Oolong teas.

What is Constant Comment tea?

Blended and Packaged in the USA: In 1945 Ruth Campbell Bigelow created our first tea, Constant Comment, a strong, flavorful black tea blended with aromatic orange peel and sweet warming spices.

Why is Bigelow Tea bad?

Bigelow tea wouldn’t be the first product to have traces of glyphosate. After widespread use over the last several decades, traces have been detected in cookies, honey and even human urine and breast milk. Other lawsuits regarding traces of the herbicide in granola bars and honey have been dismissed.

Is Bigelow green tea from China safe?

The key was the cup of tea is completely safe and clean. … That is why our green tea ( as well as all those he tested in the teabags) were 100% safe for your consumption. So please rest assured a brewed cup of any Bigelow Tea, is always completely safe for your family as well as all of ours to enjoy.

Does Bigelow Tea have heavy metals?

Since becoming company president and CEO in 2005, Cindi has focused on developing seasonal tea blends. Two independent laboratories conduct regular testing to ensure all Bigelow teas—not just the certified-organic products— are free of pesticides and heavy metals.

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