is colleen ballinger married

Who is Colleen Ballinger current husband?

Erik Stocklinm. 2018Joshua David Evansm. 2015–2016

Is Colleen Ballinger still married?

Colleen, for her part, never responded to his video. She’s since moved on with Erik. The duo married in 2018 and welcomed their first son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, in December of that year. They announced the birth of their twins — one boy and one girl — in November 2021.

When did Colleen get married?

2018 (Erik Stocklin)July 2, 2015 (Joshua David Evans)

Are Colleen and Erik legally married?

The Two Tied The Knot In 2018 Ballinger and Stocklin married in a secret ceremony in 2018. Ballinger casually shared the news in a YouTube video, leaving fans shocked. “Yeah, we got married,” she said. “Whoops, forgot to tell you that one!”Jun 22, 2021

What happened to Colleen Ballinger twins?

In a video on her YouTube channel announcing the birth, Ballinger revealed that her babies arrived in an emergency cesarean section more than seven weeks early. … There are no words to describe the heartbreak I feel when I have to leave my tiny babies at the hospital and go home without them.

How did Colleen Ballinger meet husband?

She first met her husband, Erik Stocklin, when he auditioned for a role on the show. “He’s really terrified of the Internet,” Colleen once described her S.O. Colleen and Erik played love interests on Haters Back Off. They stayed in touch after the show wrapped.

When did Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin get engaged?

The couple actually revealed that they were expecting a child even before they got married. She made the announcement on her YouTube channel while revealing that she was engaged to Stocklin in June 2018. On December 10, 2018, she gave birth to their son.

What did Colleen Ballinger name her twins?

Prior to revealing their names, Colleen, who is known for her Internet character Miranda Sings, affectionately referred to her girl-boy twins as “little ladybug” and “little worm.” For their daughter, the couple chose the name Maisy Joanne Stocklin and for their son, they named him Wesley Koy Stocklin.

Does Colleen Ballinger have a kid?

Wesley Koy StocklinFlynn Timothy StocklinMaisy Joanne Stocklin

Was Erik Stocklin in The Vampire Diaries?

Stocklin has played leading roles in feature films including Donner Pass (2011) and The Bad Guys (2015). He also appeared on television in recurring roles on Mistresses (2013) and Stalker (2014–2015), and he guest-starred on The Vampire Diaries (2011), Bones (2014) and Timeless (2018), among others.

Did Colleen Ballinger have her twins?

Colleen Ballinger is sharing more about her newborn twins, affectionally known as “little ladybug” and “little worm.” On Wednesday, the 34-year-old YouTube star revealed the names of her twins, whom she shares with husband Erik Stocklin, one week after the pair welcomed the baby boy and girl into the world.

How early did Colleen Ballinger have her twins?

Ballinger welcomed the twins on Nov. 6 after she had a “dangerous umbilical cord complication called cord prolapse.” Her original due date was Dec. 27, she shared on her YouTube channel.

How much does Colleen Ballinger make a year?

In 2015 Colleen wrote a successful memoir and signed a Netflix series deal. Today she earns $5 million per year from her various endeavors.

What is Colleen Ballinger’s new last name?

“I’ve been asked this question A LOT, and I feel like I should just address it and hopefully people stop asking me this,” Colleen says. “I did not change my last name, my last name is still Ballinger because I didn’t want to change my last name. It’s that simple,” she continues.

What are Collins twins names?

Nicola and Teena Collins (identical twins, born c. 1974) are English-born filmmakers currently living in Los Angeles. Formerly models then actresses, they are perhaps most well known for their portrayals of Alex and Susi, the twin daughters of Doug “The Head” Denovitz in the film Snatch.

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