is craig mclachlan married

Who is Craig Mclaughlins partner?

McLachlan’s partner is opera conductor, Vanessa Scammell, whom he met in 2009. He has a child from his relationship with British actress and voice artist Charlotte Avery.

Who is Craig McLachlan wife?

Rachel Friendverh. 1993–1994Karen Williamsverh. ?–1989

What is Craig McLachlan doing these days?

Actor Craig McLachlan is making a stage comeback. The 55-year-old will play US country music legend Hank Williams in the production Nobody Lonesome For Me, starting in Perth next month. … The actor was stood down from the Rocky Horror Show and The Doctor Blake Mysteries as a result of being charged.16.06.2021

Who has accused Craig McLachlan?

It reveals new allegations by actress Tamzen Hayes that Mr McLachlan sexually harassed her when she was playing the role of a corpse and gave her an unwanted, open-mouthed kiss during filming of season 2 of the Dr Blake Mysteries in 2014. Anna Samson is an actress on Channel 7’s hit soap Home and Away.14.05.2021

Is Rachel Friend married?

Stuart MacGillm. 2000–2013Craig McLachlanm. 1993–1994

Is Rachel Friend still married?

Sydney: Macgill played 44 Tests for Australia, snaring 208 wickets. Former Australian cricketer Stuart MacGill has ended his 14-year-old marriage with actor Rachel Friend and the couple reportedly have put their four-bedroom Neutral Bay home here up for sale. … They later got married and have two kids, Penny and Alex.

Is Craig McLachlan career over?

McLachlan’s career was dead: he was stood down from The Rocky Horror Show and The Doctor Blake Mysteries and hasn’t been able to land a job since. Just before Christmas last year, he was acquitted of all crimes, but McLachlan’s fight to clear his name is far from over.12.05.2021

Why did Craig McLachlan leave bugs?

The final straw came when Craig Mclachlan left and was replaced by Steven Houghton as the same character. He was simply a dull wet piece of wood and enjoyed none of the rapport with his colleagues which had come naturally to his predecessor.

Does Craig McLachlan have a child?

Craig fell for his Neighbours co-star. While living and working in the UK he met British actress Charlotte Avery, known for role in popular soap, East Enders. The couple had a son together, Jacob McLachlan, who is now 20-years-old and living in the UK.11.05.2021

How old is Craig McLachlan’s partner Vanessa?

Vanessa Scammell WikiNameVanessa ScammellAge40-50GenderFemaleHeightAbout 5 feet 7 inchesNationalityAustralian4 weitere Zeilen

What happened to Rachel friend?

AFTER 14 years of marriage, former Test cricketer Stuart MacGill and actor Rachel Friend have called it quits. AFTER 14 years of marriage, former cricketer Stuart MacGill and actor Rachel Friend have called it quits.30.08.2014

What happened to Henry from Neighbours?

Henry was known as a joker and was always coming up with schemes to make money. Henry dated Sue Parker and Melanie Pearson before beginning a relationship with Bronwyn Davies. He later moved to New Zealand to be a Disc jockey and married Bronwyn. He departed on 23 November 1989.

Was Stuart MacGill better than Warne?

From his Test debut in January 1998, MacGill actually had a superior record in home Tests to Warne – MacGill took 135 wickets at 27.68 against Warne’s 30.42. … In the 16 Tests that the leg-spinners played in together, Warne took 74 wickets at an average of 29.56 compared to MacGill’s 82 dismissals at

Is Stuart Mcgill married?

MacGill married 1989 Logie winning actress and journalist Rachel Friend, in 2000. The couple separated in late 2013. MacGill is noted for his fondness for wine, holding a degree in viticulture, and books, once reading 17 novels during a tour of Pakistan.

Who is Rachel friend married to now?

Stuart MacGillm. 2000–2013Craig McLachlanm. 1993–1994

Who played Rachel in Friends?

Portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, the character was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and appeared in all of the show’s 236 episodes during its decade-long run, from its premiere on September 22, 1994, to its finale on May 6, 2004.

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