is daniela denby ashe married

Does Daniela Denby-Ashe have a child?

Daniela Denby-AsheBorn9 August 1978 London, EnglandOccupationActressYears active1992–presentChildren1

Where is Daniela Denby-Ashe now?

Daniela appeared in the show between 2000 and 2002, before returning in 2004 until its finish in 2011. After the show, Daniela had a number of roles in other TV programmes such as Waterloo Road, Silent Witness and Midsomer Murders. Most recently, she appeared in ITV comedy Mum and the actress has one daughter.07.07.2021

How old was Janey in My Family?

Janey HarperJaney Elizabeth Laura HarperFirst appearanceThe Serpent’s ToothLast appearance-Duration2000—02, 2004—Date of Birth23 July 1984 (Age 36)7 weitere Zeilen

Who plays the daughter in My Family?

Daniela Denby-Ashe – Janey Harper Daniela, 41, is best known for her role on EastEnders, playing Sarah Hills and dipped in and out of her role as the only daughter of the Harpers. She starred on My Family between 2000 and 2002, then returned in 2004 until it finished.

Who is Robert Lindsay’s wife?

Rosemarie Fordm. 2006Cheryl Hallm. 1974–1980

What happened to Janey in my family?

Daniela Denby-Ashe (Janey Harper) Denby-Ashe stopped playing the character in 2003, then returned to the role a year later. She went on to play former pupil Lorraine Donnegan in Waterloo Road , having previously appeared in the show as a different character.07.09.2021

What happened to Sarah in EastEnders?

She has sex with Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) but is ashamed of what she has done and runs away to live rough on the streets. This results in Sarah’s father Ted attacking Robbie accusing him of raping her and landing him in hospital….Sarah HillsEastEnders characterOccupationStudentshowFamily7 weitere Zeilen

Why did Abbie leave My Family?

Roger Bailey jnr. Abigail Bailey (née Harper; born 1982) is Ben’s first cousin once removed. … They married in the seventh series, with Janey as bridesmaid and Ben as best man. She is a Catholic, and, in the final episode of series eight, “The Abi Habit”, she leaves Roger to become a nun.

Who is the supply teacher in Waterloo Road?

Jem Allen was a supply teacher in Series 4 Episode 16….Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop.Jem AllenPortrayed byDaniela Denby-AsheFirst AppearanceSeries 4 Episode 16Last AppearanceSeries 4 Episode 165 weitere Zeilen

What is Gabriel Thomson doing?

Actor Gabriel Thomson played Michael for all 11 series of My Family. … However, it seems he has made a return to acting. Most recently he plays Leon Decker in horror movie A Little More Flesh which was released in March of this year.28.07.2021

Are Tayler Marshall and Kris Marshall related?

As portrayed by Tayler Marshall, Kenzo bears a striking resemblance to his uncle Nick (Kris Marshall).

Who is Kris Marshall married to?

Personal life. Marshall married Hannah Dodkin in 2012. They have lived in Bath with their son, Thomas and daughter, Elsie since 2014.

Why was Janey written out of My Family?

When two of the main cast left to expand their careers, most people thought My Family would rapidly die (Daniela Denby-Ashe who plays Janey had to be written out, as did the very popular Kris Marshall). The writers got around the issue by saying Janey went to university and Nick moved into his own place.

How old is Michael from My Family?

Who Is He? The 29-year-old star made a name for himself in My Family, starring alongside Robert Lindsay and Zoë Wanamaker, who played his parents Ben and Susan Harper, as well as Daniela Denby-Ashe and Kris Marshall, who portrayed his old brother and sister Janey and Nick.22.07.2016

Why did My Family end?

At its peak My Family was the UK’s most-watched sitcom but was axed by the BBC after 11 years to make room for new comedy. … They admitted their output had become too focused on one social group with shows such as My Family and Outnumbered, and that they were actively searching for more working-class comedy.02.05.2012

Who was Lindsay’s first wife?

Robert Lindsay (born 13 December 1949) is an English actor….Robert Lindsay (actor)Robert LindsayYears active1968–presentSpouse(s)Cheryl Hall ​ ​ ( m. 1974; div. 1980)​ Rosemarie Ford ​ ( m. 2006)​Children33 weitere Zeilen

Is Robert Lindsey married?

Rosemarie Fordm. 2006Cheryl Hallm. 1974–1980

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