is danny koker married

How long has Danny Koker been married?

The reality show host has kept much of his personal life from the public eye and married his longtime fiancé, Korie, in an intimate ceremony. The two have been together for more than fifteen years.

Is Danny on counts Custom married?

Danny Koker is married to Korie Koker who is a co-owner of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill founded by Danny.

Are Rick Harrison and Danny Koker still friends?

Rick Harrison, the main star of Pawn Stars, has been friends with Danny and Kevin, who rode motorcycles with Rick’s brother, for several years. Since Rick was aware of Danny’s knowledge about cars, he propositioned him about being a regular on the show.

Why does Danny from Counts Kustoms always wear a bandana?

3 DANNY WEARS A BANDANA TO HIDE HIS HEAD It’s to hide the receding hairline. Here’s what one of the users of Reddit said: “On another note Danny really needs to give in to his receding hairline and ditch that stupid black bandana; he is not fooling anyone. Just shave your whole head and embrace the bald look.”May 27, 2018

Is Kevin Mack married?

Kevin Mack (visual effects artist)Kevin MackSpouse(s)Snow Mack (?-Present)Children2-Jon Mack and Olivia MackParent(s)Brice Mack (1917-2008)Website more rows

What does Korie Koker do for a living?

For years now Koker has made her living as a media personality, musician and business owner. We are pretty sure she has made some fortune especially from her regular shows and events that are usually crowded at the Count Grills and Bar.

Who owns Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas?

Danny “The Count” The owner and king of Count’s Kustoms, Danny is the creative force behind each project. He’s is a self-taught mechanic who grew up in Cleveland and Detroit and whose family worked for Ford. Danny’s been successfully running his business for over 20 years and is a car—and bike–buying machine.

Was Danny Koker a Green Beret?

Danny was a Green Beret with the 10TH Special Forces Group stationed in Bad Tulz, Germany, a hockey player for the U.S. Army, a baseball player and an avid automotive enthusiast.

Who was stealing money from Counts Kustoms?

The lawsuit against Joseph Frontiera made some pretty big headlines when it all went down. Count’s Kustoms sued their former employee for stealing money from the company and using it for personal benefits. They also sued the company that recommended Joseph.

Why did Pawn Stars stop using Danny?

A firm reason for his departure was never given on the show, leading fans to wonder what happened. Some of those theories were pretty wild. One was that Danny Koker fired him for embezzlement. … A second theory suggested that he got sick of being on camera and no longer wanted to participate in the production.

Does Kevin own part of Counts Kustoms?

Kevin Mack on Counting Cars People at Pawn Stars cast needed to restore a vehicle they were hoping to flip, hence, they turned to the guys at Counting Cars, which includes Kevin. Kevin Mack is the right-hand man to Danny, who is the owner of the shop.

Which son did Richard Harrison leave out of his will?

Later, it would come to light that “Old Man” had made a recent change to his will, leaving his son, Christopher, out of it. According to documents acquired by The Blast, Richard Harrison’s original will had all three of his children as well as his wife listed as beneficiaries.

Is Danny from Counting Cars sick?

No, Danny is not sick as of 2021. There were false rumors of him being sick. However, in the past, his wife was also rumored to be dead after a car accident but it was false as well. Another reason that people consider he is sick is that he always wears a headband in the pawn show.

How much do Count’s Kustoms employees make?

1 Count’s Kustoms employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor….Count’s Kustoms Salaries.Job TitleSalaryBody Man salaries – 1 salaries reported$32,220/yr

Where did horny Mike grow up?

Horny Mike started out as a motorcycle repairman in a Michigan trailer park, before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. He started airbrushing T-shirts and license plates for tourists before eventually joining up with Count’s Kustoms.

What is Danny from Counting Cars worth?

Danny Koker Net Worth: Danny Koker is an American car restorer and reality TV star who has a net worth of $13 million….Danny Koker Net Worth.Net Worth:$13 MillionDate of Birth:Jan 5, 1964 (58 years old)Gender:MaleNationality:United States of America

What happened to Scott Jones on Counting Cars?

Though the main reason for his departure was never actually mentioned on the show, it is clear that Scott does not work at Count’s Kustoms anymore. … It states that Scott from Counting Cars moved to Tennessee after the birth of his son. It has been shown many times in the show that he had a connection to the state.

What does Danny Koker’s wife do?

After marrying her husband Danny, she talked him into opening up Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill, where she works as the entertainment director, coordinating the bands that will be playing each night. Korie and Danny are also business partners, as the co-owners of Count’s Tattoo Company.

How many cars does Danny Koker own?

Danny Koker’s car collection includes over 50 vehicles. He bought it from a gentleman in Cleveland who kept it in a carpeted, heated garage.

Who is Danny Koker parents?

Danny KokerMary Koker

How did Danny from Counts Kustoms get started?

He Has An Auto Restoration Shop Koker has an auto restoration shop in Las Vegas built in the late 1980s, called Count’s Kustoms. … Back when the shop first opened, Koker started Count’s Kustoms as a hobby, as he is a self-taught mechanic who loves to work on cars and motorcycles.

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