is david grohl married

Is Dave Grohl still married?

Dave has been married to Jordyn Blum for over ten years. … After dating for two years, Dave Grohl and Jordyn tied the knot on 2nd August 2003. Together they have three children. Their firstborn, Violet Maye Grohl, was born on 15th April 2006.

Who is Dave Grohl’s current wife?

Jordyn Blumm. 2003Jennifer Youngbloodm. 1994–1997

When did Dave Grohl get married?

August 2, 2003 (Jordyn Blum)1994 (Jennifer Youngblood)

Is Taylor Hawkins related to Dave Grohl?

Taylor Hawkins , his son, Oliver, and Dave Grohl’s daughter, Violet Grohl, foo fighters.

Where is Dave Grohl’s studio?

The complex was the focus of the documentary Sound City (2013), directed by musician Dave Grohl….Sound City Studios.Address15452 Cabrito Road, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, 91406LocationLos Angeles, CaliforniaOpened19691 more row

What drugs did Dave Grohl use?

But I’d be willing to give it up, if everyone else would.” In a 2008 interview, Grohl said he had never taken cocaine, heroin, or speed, and that he had stopped smoking cannabis and taking LSD at the age of 20.

Is Dave Grohl vegan?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Dave Grohl. … That said, a Grohl vegan conversion kind of makes us worried because he’s one of the hardest-hitting drummers ever, and can you imagine what he could do to a rack tom with all that added energy from a cruelty-free diet?Feb 24, 2018

Was Dave Grohl kicked out of Nirvana?

Dave Grohl Says He Overheard Kurt Cobain Talking About Kicking Him Out Of Nirvana. “I was really upset because I thought things were okay,” Grohl told Vulture. … Dave Grohl told Vulture in an interview published Tuesday that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain considered replacing him as the band’s drummer.

How old would Kurt Cobain be today?

Kurt Cobain’s exact age would be 55 years old if alive. Total 20,089 days. Kurt Cobain was a famous musician and the lead singer of Nirvana grunge band. He was born in 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington state and was a rebel child.

How rich is Taylor Hawkins?

Taylor Hawkins Net Worth: Taylor Hawkins is an American musician who has a net worth of $40 million dollars….Taylor Hawkins Net Worth.Net Worth:$40 MillionDate of Birth:Feb 17, 1972 (49 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)Profession:Songwriter, Musician, Drummer, Singer1 more row

Did Taylor Hawkins drum on Jagged Little Pill?

Early life. Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on February 17, 1972. … In an interview with BBC Radio 6, Hawkins revealed that playing drums for Jordan was his “first real gig”. He then left to be Alanis Morissette’s drummer on the tour supporting Jagged Little Pill.

Does Taylor Hawkins drugs?

Taylor Hawkins thought it would be “the end” for Foo Fighters after he overdosed on drugs in 2001. … Hawkins, who admits he was just a “dumb kid” at the time of his overdose, believes he wasn’t a junkie, but knows there’s “no happy ending with hard drugs”.

Who owns Sound City?

Soundcity TV is a 24-hour Nigerian lifestyle and music channel based in Lagos from Consolidated Media Associates Limited….Soundcity TV.ProgrammingOwnerConsolidated Media AssociatesHistoryLaunchedMarch 2009 (Africa)Links4 more rows

Who started Sound City?

Sound City, which Skeeter co-founded with his business partner Joe Gottfried in 1969 in an industrial park in Van Nuys, California, was the birthplace of landmark albums including Tom Petty’s Damn the Torpedoes, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush and Nirvana’s Nevermind.

Does Dave Grohl have tattoos?

Grohl’s Zeppelin worship goes all the way back to his teenage years, when he got the first of three Zep-inspired tattoos — he’s got John Bonham’s three-circle Led Zeppelin IV logo tattooed in three places.

Who was the last person to see Kurt Cobain?

Duff McKagan, One of Last to See Kurt Cobain Alive, Says His Death Was No Surprise. Credit: Lance MercerIn a one-off interview with Austrian independent music TV channel Mulatschag, Duff McKagan described sharing a flight with Kurt Cobain two days before the Nirvana singer committed suicide.

How old is Violet Grohl?

Violet is 15 years old as of 2021, he was born on April 15, 2006, in The United States. She celebrates his birthday on April 15, every year and his birth sign is Aries.

Did Dave Grohl sing any Nirvana songs?

Dave Grohl revealed why he would never perform the vocals on a Nirvana track. Speaking in a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, he said: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable singing a song that Kurt sang. … It’s just a reminder that the person who is responsible for those beautiful songs is no longer with us.

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