is don brennan married

What happened to Don Brennan and Alma?

This spurred Don to set fire to Mike’s factory. He even kidnapped Alma Baldwin and drove his taxi into the canal with her inside, but they were both rescued and survived.

What did Don Brennan do to Alma Baldwin?

One of the character’s most notable storylines was her kidnapping by Don Brennan (Geoffrey Hinsliff), who attempted to kill Alma by driving her into the River Irwell in a bid for revenge on Mike Baldwin.

Who married Ivy?

Ivy Getty married photographer Tobias Alexander Engel in San Francisco. Ivy Love Getty, the great granddaughter of late billionaire oil tycoon J Paul Getty, married photographer Tobias Alexander Engel in a lavish ceremony in San Francisco on Saturday.

Does Linda marry Mike?

Mike proposed to Linda and asked Mark to be best man. In September 2000, Mike and Linda got married in a big plush wedding at De Lisle House. Later the same day, Mike found out about Mark and Linda’s affair and threw Mark out of his life forever, eventually forgiving Linda.

Who did Mike Baldwin marry in Corrie?

Mike and Alma Sedgewick’s (Amanda Barrie) romance stemmed back to 1989 and they wed on-screen in 1992, the marriage lasting seven years. It has been suggested in a 2006 ITV documentary that Mike, an antagonistic womanising character, met his match in Alma.

Where is Don Brennan?

Don Brennan is the sports director at Suncoast News Network (SNN) in Sarasota Florida Area in the United States. Brennan joined Suncoast News Network (SNN) in July of 2017.

Who lived at 5 Coronation Street before the Battersbys?

5 into the most modern house in the Street. Since then, it has been lived in by Bet Lynch, the Langtons, the Tilsleys, the Battersbys, Don Brennan, Ashley Peacock, John Stape, Katy Armstrong, Beth Tinker, Craig Tinker and Sinead Tinker.

Did Mike and Alma divorce?

Despite wanting to initially reconcile with Mike she realised she didn’t love him anymore, and his relationship with Linda Sykes prompted Alma to finally divorce Mike. In 2001 Alma received devastating news that a misdiagnosis and missed smear test meant she had developed cervical cancer.

Why did Alma leave Corrie?

In short – Alma had terminal cancer of the cervix. Alma, not wanting to die in hospital, passed away peacefully at Audrey’s house on 17th June 2001 from the cancer with Mike Baldwin, Ken Barlow and Audrey Roberts at her side.

Where is Amanda Barrie now?

On 12 September 2014, she married her long-term partner Hilary Bonner. The couple live in homes in the Blackdown Hills, Somerset and London.

Who is Lynne Perrie’s brother?

Duggie Brown (born Barry Dudley; 7 August 1940 in Rotherham, West Riding of Yorkshire) is an English comedian and actor. He is the brother of actress and singer Lynne Perrie.

What Getty just got married?

Ivy Love Getty, the great granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, tied the knot in style this weekend. The 26-year-old artist and model married photographer Tobias Alexander Engel in a star-studded ceremony in San Francisco’s City Hall over the weekend.

Who plays Ivy Tilsley’s husband in Corrie?

Peter Dudley (21 June 1935 – 20 October 1983) was an English character actor best known for his role as Bert Tilsley in the ITV television series Coronation Street; a role he played continuously from 1979 until his death in 1983.

Where is Jacqueline Pirie now?

In 2007 she set up a drama school in her hometown of Stirling. She opened one of her drama schools in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada, before moving it to Victoria, British Columbia, where she now resides.

Who blackmailed Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street?

“He went down three cabs, ‘no, we’re not taking you, Baldwin! ‘” She added: “He was so put out because he always got his own way.” Mike, who arrived on the famous cobbles in 1976, cheated on his third wife Alma in 1999 with Julia Stone who conspired to blackmail him.

What happened to Mike Baldwin’s son Mark in Coronation Street?

On remembering what had gone on between Mark and Linda, Mike stormed out and went missing. Mark contacted his family in Weatherfield and he was found and taken to hospital there. Mike died of pneumonia a week later.

What happened with Sally and Danny in Coronation Street?

Danny and Sally ran a shop together, D & S Hardware in Victoria Street, from 2000 until their split when Sally agreed to buy Danny out.

Why was Baldwin blackmailed?

As his business went through a rough patch in 1998, Mike slept with Julia Stone, who turned out to be a former prostitute, and blackmailed him for large sums of cash.

Who was Nita in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street (TV Series 1960– ) – Rebecca Sarker as Nita Desai – IMDb.

When did Josie leave Coronation Street?

Josie ClarkeCoronation Street characterDuration1995–1996First appearance16 January 1995Last appearance16 August 19963 more rows

Who was Josie Clarke in Coronation Street?

Josie Clarke was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 3805 – 16 Jan 1995 to Ep 4053 – 16 Aug 1996. Josie was played by Ellie Haddington.

What happened to Brian from Coronation Street?

In 1989, Quinten told the casting office that he was going to move to the United States to marry his then-fiancée, American talk show host Leeza Gibbons. … His final episode was aired on 15 February 1989, when Brian Tilsley was stabbed to death by a gang of teenagers outside a nightclub.

Who lives in Des Barnes house now?

It is bought by Yasmeen Nazir, who moved in with her husband Sharif, son Kal and grandchildren Alya and Zeedan. Kal tragically dies a hero whilst saving Leanne Tilsley and Amy Barlow from a fire which started inside 12 Victoria Court in May 2015. 2016 sees Zeedan’s girlfriend Rana Habeeb moves in with the family.

Who lived at 11 Corrie?

The current residents are Eileen Phelan, her husband Pat Phelan and Eileen’s sons Jason Grimshaw and Todd Grimshaw. When the show begun in 1960, Elsie Tanner lived at No 11 with her wayward son Dennis Tanner but a Florence Briggs owned it until her 1964 death.

Who lives at No 9 Coronation Street?

No. 9 is currently home to Fiz Stape and her daughter Hope Stape, and Tyrone Dobbs’s daughter Ruby Dobbs. Tyrone had been Jack and Vera Duckworth’s lodger when they owned the house.

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