is dr cindy trimm married

Who was pastor Russell Tomlinson first wife?

First Lady Renace Tomlinson was born on July 6, 1958 and passed away on December 5, 2015. Lady Renace was a resident of South Florida when she passed away.

At what age did Cindy Trimm marry?

More videos on YouTube Cindy Trimm- Tomlinson was 58 years old when she met her husband. She originally thought she would be married by 30 but never wanted to settle. After writing out all her hopes on a vision board, Cindy’s dream came true almost 30 years later.

What is Cindy Trimm net worth?

Cindy Trimm net worth: Dr. Cindy Trimm is a former senator, author, and life coach who has a net worth of $15 million dollars. Her work as a spiritual leader and speaker has launched a multi-million dollar speaking, writing, and publishing empire, with operations in multiple countries around the world.

What nationality is Dr Cindy Trimm?

Cindy Trimm has been on an astounding career trajectory that has made the former Bermuda Senator one of the most sought-after event speakers in the USA. The 54-year old firebrand was born into abject poverty in Bermuda where her father deserted her mother and left her with seven children to raise on her own.

Who is Bishop Russell Tomlinson?

Russell Tomlinson is a pastor and founder of Presence Gathering Church. He is a global thinker, relationship strategist, author, and conference speaker with well over thirty years of ministry experience. He is firm in his belief that a quality life is built around quality relationships.

When was Cindy Trimm born?

Cindy Trimm (born in the 1980s) is an American author and influencer. She is available in youtube and other social media platforms with her lively teachings.

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