is dr ginni mansberg married

Is Ginni Mansberg married?

Ginni MansbergEducationUniversity of NewcastleOccupationDoctor, science communicator, authorKnown forSunrise, Embarrassing Bodies Down Under, Medicine or MythSpouse(s)Daniel2 more rows

Who was the doctor on sunrise this morning?

Ginni Mansberg is a well known celebrity doctor in Australia. She is a Sydney GP on TV with Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (Channel 9), Sunrise & Morning Show (Channel7), Things You Can’t Talk About on TV.

Are Ginni Mansberg children?

In addition to being a television celebrity doctor, Ginni runs a busy medical practice as well as her own beauty-related business. She also serves on numerous boards, lectures at university, consults for large companies, and is a magazine columnist. And to top all that off, she’s a mother to six children.

Where is Sam Mac now?

Sam and Rebecca first went public in March, and spent much of their relationship in different states due to the Covid pandemic, but are now living together in Sydney.

Does Sunrise live in QLD?

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria have Sunrise broadcast live all year round, and Queensland has Sunrise broadcast live in wintertime, but during Daylight Saving Time in Sydney has the program delayed by one hour.

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