is dr jenn married

Is Dr Jen Ashton in a relationship?

Jennifer Ashton got a happy surprise on New Year’s Eve — a proposal! The ABC News chief medical correspondent and doctor, 52, is engaged to television producer and businessman Tom Werner, 71. The couple has been dating for a year.3 jan. 2022

How old is Dr Jen Ashton?

Jennifer Lee Garfien Ashton (born April 23, 1969) is a physician, author, and television correspondent. She is chief health and medical editor and chief medical correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America, chief women’s health correspondent for The Dr. Oz Show, and a columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Is Dr Jen Ashton engagement ring?

Yes, it was the best new years of my life because I got engaged. He put a ring on it, put a ring on it. Um and we’re very happy and very excited and it’s just a sign that miracles can happen and good things can come out of the pandemic.3 jan. 2022

Who is Jen Ashton marrying?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, 52, and TV producer Tom Werner, 71, are getting married! The ABC News chief medical correspondent dished on the proposal with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on “GMA3,” saying “It was the best New Year’s of my life.”4 jan. 2022

Where is Tom Werner now?

He currently serves as the chairman of Liverpool Football Club and Boston Red Sox. Recently he announced his engagement to Jenifer Ashton from ABC News. He is also a tv producer who co-founded the company Carsey-Werner with Marcy Carsey.13 jan. 2022

Who dated Tom Werner?

Tom Werner has finally asked the question to his girlfriend and she said yes. The Boston Red Sox chairman took his time before he got down on one knee for his new fiance, Jennifer Ashton. The couple has been spotted together for the past few years.

What is Jen Ashton’s net worth?

Jennifer Ashton is an American physician, author, and television medical contributor who has a net worth of $8 million. Dr. Jennifer Ashton was born at George Air Force Base, California in April 1969….Dr. Jennifer Ashton Net Worth.Net Worth:$8 MillionNationality:United States of AmericaNog 3 rijen

Who did Jenn get engaged to?

ABC’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton rang in the New Year with a new ring. The physician, author, and TV correspondent announced Monday on “Good Morning America” that she got engaged to Boston Red Sox chairman Tom Werner. She called it “the best New Year’s of [her] life.”3 jan. 2022

Where does Chloe Ashton go to college?

Chloe Ashton – 2021-22 – Women’s Ice Hockey – Harvard University.

What kind of doctor is Jen Ashton?

Jennifer Ashton, a Board-certified Ob-Gyn, author and TV medical correspondent, breaks the barrier between doctor and patient. Affectionately referred to as your all-in-one ‘BFF’/Ob-Gyn, Dr. Jennifer Ashton marries an unparalleled medical background with an accessible ‘girl’s-girl’ attitude. Though Dr.

Is Jennifer Aniston married?

Justin Therouxm. 2015–2017Brad Pittm. 2000–2005

How did Jen Ashton meet Tom?

The couple had been dating for around a year prior to their engagement, and were introduced by a mutual friend at some point in 2021. On New Year’s Eve, the two were on their way to dinner at The Fulton by Jean-Georges, the spot they had their first date, according to People.

Who is Troy Werner?

Jill serves as a commissioner of the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department, and a member of the board of the Los Angeles Parks Foundation.18 mrt. 2015

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