is dr laura married

Does Dr Laura have a husband?

Laura relocated to Los Angeles, where she became a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor in 1980 at the University of Southern California. After divorcing her husband, Dr. … Schlessinger and Bishop finally married in 1985. In 1994, her radio show became nationally syndicated.9 sep. 2010

When did Dr Laura’s husband?

Schlessinger’s husband died November 2, 2015, after being ill for 1.5 years. Schlessinger was estranged from her sister for years, and many thought she was an only child.

How long was Dr Laura married?

Laura Schlessinger Husband She later married Lewis Bishop, with whom she had a son. According to her personal friend, Shelly Herman, Laura lived with Lewis for about nine years before she was married to him. However, after four years of their togetherness, they moved apart. Dr.

Did Dr. Laura break up a marriage?

Laura herself has been divorced; she herself “shacked up” with her current husband, who was a married father of three when they met; she herself, a strident critic of women who undergo fertility treatments instead of adopting, spent lots of time and money to conceive her son, Deryk (she had to have a tubal ligation …1 feb. 2011

What did Dr. Laura’s husband do?

Lewis Bishopm. 1985Michael Rudolphm. 1972–1977

How old is Dr. Laura’s son?

‘My beautiful boy is gone’: Dr. Laura Berman’s 16-year-old son Samuel dies from overdose.8 feb. 2021

How much does Dr. Laura make?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Net WorthNet Worth:$50 MillionSalary:$15 Million Per YearDate of Birth:Jan 16, 1947 (75 years old)Gender:FemaleProfession:Writer, Talk show host, Radio personalityNog 1 rij

What degree does Dr. Laura have?

University of Southern CaliforniaColumbia UniversityStony Brook UniversityJericho High SchoolWestbury High School

Who is Laura Schlessinger husband?

Lewis Bishopm. 1985Michael Rudolphm. 1972–1977

What happened to Dr. Laura’s son Deryk?

The 16-year-old son of OWN-TV host Dr. Laura Berman succumbed to an accidental overdose of fentanyl laced Xanax at their family home in Santa Monica, California. … “A drug dealer connected with him on Snapchat and gave him [fentanyl]-laced Xanax and he overdosed in his room,” she said.9 feb. 2021

What happened to Dr. Laura Berman’s son?

Berman announced on Instagram on Feb. 8 that her son died from an accidental overdose. … “A drug dealer connected with him on Snapchat and gave him fentinyl (sic) laced Xanax or Percocet (toxicology will tell) and he overdosed in his room.21 mrt. 2021

How do I ask Dr. Laura a question?

Would you like to share something with me? Or send me a question or comment? Fill out this form to email me! If you want to talk with me on air, call 1-800-DR LAURA (1800-375-2872) between 10:30am and 2pm Pacific, Monday-Friday.

What city does Dr. Laura live in?

Radio superstar Dr. Laura Schlessinger has listed her Santa Barbara home. This 6-bedroom, 7-bath house is close to 9,000 square feet and features breathtaking views of the ocean.11 okt. 2021

Is Dr. Laura A REAL DR?

Dr. Laura holds a Ph. D. in physiology from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, and received her post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of Southern California.

Does Dr. Laura have a tattoo?

Laura Schlessinger has two pieces of body art you might not expect: a belly-button piercing and a tattoo. … She got the tattoo in October, to celebrate surviving the controversy that ensued after her N-word-filled radio rant went viral.27 jan. 2011

Did Dr. Laura’s house sell?

Dr. Laura Selling Secluded California Compound for $22.85 Million – Mansion Global.25 mrt. 2021

Is Dr. Laura selling her house?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger — the popular and controversial talk show host — has listed her serene, ocean-side Santa Barbara estate for $22.85 million. Schlessinger told Mansion Global that her reason for selling off the stunning property is simple: she’s downsizing.31 mrt. 2021

Where can I hear Dr. Laura Schlessinger now?

Her radio program is heard exclusively on SiriusXM’s Triumph 111 and To participate on the radio program; call 1-800-Dr-Laura / 1-800-375-2872 or make an appointment – Email [email protected] Become a Dr.

When did Dr. Laura Berman son overdose?

On February 7, Berman announced on Instagram that her “beautiful boy” had overdosed in his bedroom after purchasing fentanyl-laced Xanax from a drug dealer on Snapchat.23 feb. 2021

When did Laura Berman lose her son?

Relationship therapist Dr. Laura Berman lost her son Sammy at the age of 16 last month to an overdose from fentanyl-laced Xanax. This week, she opened up to the “True Crime Daily” podcast about how her family is dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy.19 mrt. 2021

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