is dr lori verderame married

How old is Dr Lori appraiser?

Lori VerderameBornJanuary 11, 1965 New Haven, ConnecticutAlma materUniversity of Michigan (B.A.) Wesleyan University (M.L.S.) Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D.)OccupationAntiques appraiser, television personalityWebsiteDrLoriV.com1 rad till

What does Dr Lori have a PHD in?

Dr. Lori is an internationally known antiques appraiser and author with a doctorate in art history. Dr. Lori presents antique appraisal events around the world.1 nov. 2013

Is Dr Lori A good appraiser?

Lori has more than two decades of experience as an expert art and antiques appraiser, museum director, curator, and university professor with a Ph. … Lori provides accurate identifications and values–not guesses–based on her expertise and she does it in writing.

Who is Dr Lori on Auction Kings?

Dr. Lori Verderame is breaking hearts and making millionaires all over the world. The Bucks County historian now has a role as an expert appraiser on Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings,” a series in which she identifies and evaluates objects brought into Gallery 63 in Atlanta, Ga.26 apr. 2012

How much does Dr. Lori charge for an appraisal?

Lori’s shows offer 1 free appraisal per person with admission and $25 per appraisal for additional items. If the item is too big to bring to an event, Dr. Lori can appraise your item from a photograph.

How much does it cost to appraise a picture?

Antique or art appraisals cost $250 to $300 on average for a single item. Depending on several factors, you may pay as low as $25 an hour to over $300 an hour.17 nov. 2021

How do you get on Dr Lori live?

Subscribers must be able to use email, complete a web form, and attach images. Gift Subscription recipients agree to all above terms and conditions upon use of the ‘Priority Ask Dr. Lori’ service.17 apr. 2021

What is an antique appraiser?

An antiques appraiser values antiques based on knowledge, market trends and research of the subject matter. These appraisers may be generalists, working with all kinds of antiques, or specialists, narrowing the scope to a single field or limited subject area.

What do you mean by appraisal?

An appraisal is a valuation of property, such as real estate, a business, collectible, or an antique, by the estimate of an authorized person. … Appraisals are typically used for insurance and taxation purposes or to determine a possible selling price for an item or property.

How much is a video call with Dr. Lori?

Video Calls are $199 instead of the regular $250 using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or your favorite chat app. Invite your family and friends on the call or not and keep Dr. Lori to yourself!

How much is a video chat with Dr. Lori?

Invite Dr. Lori into your attic, basement, grandmother’s estate or yard sale now using Video Call Appraisals for as low as $250 per 30 minutes. Most calls only take 30 minutes.

How much is it to get items appraised?

Appraisers might charge a flat fee or an hourly rate from $200 to $400 depending on their expertise and location, says Nancy Harrison, president of the Appraisers Association of America, in New York. Avoid an appraiser who asks for a fee based on a percentage of the item’s value.

Are Numbered prints worth anything?

Print run numbers can be understood simply: the smaller the number, the more valuable it is. It is considered that the first impressions in the print run are the closest to the original idea of the artist; thus, they become more expensive.17 nov. 2021

Is my painting worth anything?

Check the Frame The frame of the picture can also indicate what a painting is worth. It even makes it worth more. Some pictures come in high-quality frames, which are actually worth a lot. If the frame is extravagant or significant, it could even be worth more than the actual painting.

Is my artwork worth anything?

Appraisals & Appraisers Consider finding an appraiser to determine the value of your artwork. Appraisers are trained specialists who work for a fee. They evaluate your piece and give you a written statement of its value.

Who is Lori Love?

Lori Love has been in the Hospitality Industry for over 25 years in the San Diego Community. Her experience ranges from Director of Sales, Food & Beverage Director, National Sales and Catering Sales within the Hotel and Convention Industry.

Does Antiques Roadshow do online appraisals?

We do not provide information on, or appraisals of, objects by e-mail, mail or phone. We also cannot recommend appraisers to contact regarding your object(s).27 jan. 2020

Is there an app for valuing antiques?

The antique identification and value app is a great electronic alternative to the basic professional appraisal form typically used by certified appraisers. … All of the information in the Antique Appraisal Form Mobile App will be saved and easy to access at any time.

How are antiques appraised?

Appraisers will often value antiques based on the median value rather than the highest or lowest prices realized for similar items. It happens all the time. A piece may sell well at an auction, but then the same item fetches a more moderate price at an antique show.27 nov. 2019

How do you get something appraised?

Four Ways to Get a Free, Local AppraisalAttend Appraisal Day at a Local Auction House. … Go to a Major Local Antique Show. … Attend a Visiting Appraisal Show. … Ask Antique Shops and Auction Houses. … Know the Item’s History. … Check Scope of Appraisal Before Going. … Remember Free Appraisal Limitations. … Selling Your Appraised Antique.Fler objekt …

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