is drew pritchard married to rebecca

What is Rebecca Pritchard doing now?

She is also currently involved in property refurbishments and has previously bought and run a campsite, a B&B and holiday let businesses. Rebecca’s life before the antiques trade were twenty years in women’s fashion, covering wholesale, retail and manufacturing in the UK and Hong Kong.

Why is John Tee Not on salvage hunters?

Tee was specifically enlisted to make a cameo appearance for the eighth season. Therefore, considering the multiple spin-offs and multitude of other guest appearances, it is possible that him not returning was due to the fact that his contract was not renewed for a new season.

What was Rebecca pritchards maiden name?

Rebecca Pritchard was born in February 1958 in the UK as Rebecca Jane Pritchard.

Who is Drew pritchards partner?

Antique dealer, Drew Pritchard does not have a new wife. For now, he is single and not wedded to anyone. However, he once tied the knot with a Salvage Hunter’s co-host, Rebecca Pritchard. The couple enjoyed a blissful married life for some years.

What is tees real name?

Usually, he travels with his long-time friend “Tee” (John Tee), who acts as van driver and loader when moving the purchased items.

How much is Drew Salvage Hunters worth?

Drew Pritchard estimated to have a net worth of $9 million. His major income source is from his works in antiques.

What breed of dog is Enzo on salvage hunters?

Enzo (dog)SpeciesDogBreedJack Russell TerrierSexMaleBornJuly 1995DiedJune 23, 2010 (aged 14)5 rader till

Is there a series 15 of Salvage Hunters?

Watch Salvage Hunters – Season 15 | Prime Video.

Is Drew Pritchard still at liberty London?

Drew has previously featured at Liberty of London but is now concentrating on his Showroom in the medieval walled town of Conwy, where his space features exquisite collections for house and home lovingly selected by Drew himself and managed by his team.

When did Pritchard move premises?

On 23rd June 1995, Drew Pritchard, the star of the Discovery and Quest’s Salvage Hunters, moved into a Methodist chapel in the Conwy countryside in North Wales. He was then just 25 years old and it was the first property he’d ever owned.12 jan. 2022

What is tee tee net worth?

Likewise, Tee Tee, a 16-year-old girl, achieved her goal and was initially known for her banter and personal blogger, as well as the popular YouTube star. When she was young, she felt famous….Tee Tee Wiki.Date of Birth21 January 2004Net worth$200,000-$300,000 (More info Below)8 rader till

How old is tee tee from DDG?

TeeTee, real name Tiarra is just 17 years old as of 2021. She was born on January 21, 2004, in the United States.

How old is tete DDG sister?

Tee Tee Wiki/Biography Born on 21 January 2004, Tee Tee’s age is 17 years as of September 2021. She was born and brought up in a middle-class Christian family from Los Angeles, California, United States.13 nov. 2021

Will there be a new series of salvage hunters classic cars?

The new series of Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars airs on Wednesday 6 January at 9pm on Quest.6 jan. 2021

What is Drew Pritchard’s full name?

Drew Pritchard was born in June 1970 in Conwy, Clwyd, Wales as Andrew Thomas Pritchard. He is known for his work on Salvage Hunters: The Restorers (2018), Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars (2018) and Salvage Hunters (2011). He was previously married to Rebecca Pritchard.

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