is duke from zombie house flipping married

Who is married on Zombie House Flipping?

Are Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly Married? Reality Show creator and house flipping entrepreneur Justin Stamper is married to the lovely Ashlee Casserly and they share a wonderful time with their two little cats and a golden colored doodle.

Who is Peter Duke?

Peter Duke is a real estate agent. He has been a part of the house flipping business for a very long time, way before he was a cast member in the show. Zombie House Flipping has returned to TV s of 20 November 2021. The show will be aired on the A&E television network.20 nov. 2021

Who is Duke from Zombie House Flipping?

Peter Duke was born in St. Petersburg, FL, and raised in rural North Carolina and the west coast of Florida. A natural entrepreneur, Duke planted a potato garden at the age of seven, then dug it up and tried to sell them to his neighborhood grocer.

What happened to Duke on Zombie flippers?

Peter Duke was an OG cast member of the show, so viewers obviously noticed when he wasn’t around anymore. It seems that he’s left the show but he hasn’t left house flipping. He still “rescues” wrecked homes and then turns them for a profit, but he’s just not doing it on camera anymore.28 nov. 2021

Who is Ashlee Casserly?

Ashlee’s nationwide Real Estate experience lead her to become one of the stars of ‘Zombie House Flipping’ on A&E, where she focuses on the buying, rehabbing and selling properties. From buying or selling multi-million dollar multiple unit deals, to single family homes, Ashlee has done it all.

Where is Ashley from zombie house from?

Ashlee Casserly hails from a sleepy village in the Irish Midlands. Educated in Galway, Ireland, she moved to the US following her bachelor’s degree to get her own piece of the American dream.

Where are zombie house flippers now?

Today, he owns a boutique brokerage – Blueprint Real Estate Group – in the Antique District of Orlando with his business partner, Ashlee Casserly. Justin’s trusty sidekick and best friend is his chocolate lab, Marley.

Is Zombie House Flipping real?

This is a semi-scripted show, just like all of the other house-flipping shows. The personalities aren’t obnoxious, but a couple of them do struggle a lot with sounding natural while addressing the camera.

How old is Marley the dog on Zombie House Flipping?

Marley is 7 years old.

Why did Duke from Zombie House Flipping leave?

Fans are worried about the reality star’s well-being and wonder whether he is leaving the show. Peter Duke, the long-running presenter of Zombie House Flippers, is quitting the show. On the other hand, Peter is supposed to be concentrating more on his own business and providing personal services.

How many children does Ashley from zombie house have?

Ashlee has 2 little Baby: A Son and A Daughter If so, Ashlee Casserly is a perfect mother. Ashlee is a mother to a son and a daughter. However, she has not revealed who their father is. Her elder son is around 4 years old.

How many seasons of Zombie House Flipping are there?

Is Zombie House Flipping Cancelled? The show first aired in 2016 and has successfully completed three seasons.31 mrt. 2020

Is Flipping houses still profitable 2021?

That was up 10.6 percent from $241,400 in the first quarter of 2021 and 18.7 percent from $225,000 a year earlier. The annual increase marked the biggest price spike for flipped properties since 2005, and the quarterly gain topped all improvements since at least 2000.16 sep. 2021

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