is dylan bruce married

What is Dylan Bruce doing?

He starred in the NBC series Midnight, Texas, where he played Bobo Winthrop. On August 31, 2021, Deadline announced that Bruce had joined the cast of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film called The Christmas Promise alongside Torrey DeVitto and Patrick Duffy.

Who plays Castor in Orphan Black?

Ari Millen (born January 19, 1982) is a Canadian actor. He is best known for his performance as numerous clones in the Space and BBC America science fiction television series Orphan Black (2014–2017), for which he won a Canadian Screen Award in 2016.

Who plays Bobo in Midnight Texas?

Dylan Bruce is a Canadian actor who currently portrays Bobo Winthrop in NBC’s Midnight, Texas.

Does Orphan Black have an ending?

Obviously, the finale is the end of Orphan Black on TV. But, like that big blue guy from Watchmen says, “nothing ever ends.” Because when Felix turns up at the baby shower for Art and Donnie, he comes bearing a game-changing gift from Rachel Duncan herself.18.02.2021

How many clones Orphan Black?

The following list is a list of all named clones in Orphan Black and the official expanded universe (i.e. official comics). There are at least 274 LEDA clones, as the list given to Felix by Rachel in the series finale was stated to be a comprehensive list of all 274 LEDA clones.

Was Orphan Black Cancelled?

The under-the-radar sci-fi series was well-loved for its artful balance of family themes and a compelling clone concept, but it ended bittersweetly after five seasons because the showrunners decided it was better to end on their own terms. …03.03.2021

Did Sarah love Paul Orphan Black?

Paul Dierden was the monitor who was assigned to Beth Childs before her death. After Sarah Manning took her place, Paul grew to love her and began to protect her and attempted to cover for her, especially after Sarah came clean about being a clone….Paul Dierden.Biographical informationRelationshipsMarital status:Single20 weitere Zeilen

Who is Kira’s father Orphan Black?

The third episode of Orphan Black revealed that Cal Morrison, the man whose cabin Sarah and Felix crashed, may be Kira’s father.03.05.2014

Who are Sarah’s parents?

Amelia is the birth mother of Sarah Manning and Helena. Upon moving to London, 22-year-old Amelia was approached by two scientists, then posing as a couple, to be the in-vitro surrogate of their child.

Is Midnight, Texas scary?

Parents need to know that Midnight, Texas is a drama about a small town with a lot of supernatural residents and strange goings-on. Violence is within scary-network-show norms, but may be particularly intense for young/sensitive viewers.

Will there be a season 3 of Midnight, Texas?

12/23/18 update: NBC has cancelled the Midnight, Texas TV show so there won’t be a third season on the peacock network.

Where was Midnight, Texas filmed?

Midnight, TexasProduction locationsAlbuquerque, New Mexico Las Vegas, New MexicoCinematographyMike Spragg Eric KressEditorsTimothy Good John Heath Arman Tahmizyan Louis CioffiRunning time43 minutes20 weitere Zeilen

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