is erica grow married

Who is Erica Grow married to?

Personal life. Grow is married to Kevin Cei, who also graduated Penn State in meteorology.

Where is Erica Grow working?

Erica Grow is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, most recently working as an on-camera meteorologist for WNBC, the flagship TV station of the NBC-owned station group. She also currently serves on the AMS Council, the AMS Board on Best Practices, and the AMS Board on Enterprise Economic Development.

Is Stacy Ann Gooden married?

Personal life. Gooden married in 2005, and has two children; she blogs about her experiences raising mixed-race children at Weather Anchor Mama.

What is Chris Cimino doing?

WPIX-TV announced today that veteran New York broadcaster Chris Cimino has joined PIX11 News as meteorologist and lifestyle correspondent, effective immediately.

Is Stacy-Ann still married?

Husband Stacy-Ann Gooden Gooden tied the knot with a man of Irish and German descent in 2005. The identity of her husband is unknown. The couple is blessed with two children. Gooden blogs about her experiences raising children of mixed race at Weather Anchor Mama.

Where is Stacy-Ann Gooden working now?

Where is Stacy-Ann Gooden Now? She currently works at WPIX, New York City as a meteorologist.

How old is Stacey Ann?

Stacy-Ann GoodenNameStacy-Ann GoodenAgeEarly 40sGenderFemaleNationalityJamaican-AmericanEthnicityBlack10 more rows

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