is erika gonzalez married

Is Erica Gonzales married?

Erika is happily married to Jason Leon. The couple met in 2011, when she moved to Washington with the purpose of search for jobs. They dated for about four years after which they tied the knot and have been living together for more than four years.

Where is Erica Gonzales?

She and her husband live in Washington, D.C. You can email her story ideas at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @Erika_news.

Where is Wendy Rieger?

Wendy Rieger is an American journalist who was born and raised up in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Currently, she is working as a news reporter at NBC4 News in Washington D.C and a former radio host at FM99.

Where does Jim Handly live?

Off the set, Handly is a competitive tennis player who enjoys taking part in charity tennis events. In his off-time you’ll find Jim, biking, kayaking and checking out the newest coffee houses and roasters and farmers markets around our region. He lives in Washington, D.C.

How old is Molette Green?

Following that, Molette joined COX Media Group. In addition, she has hosted a program on WHUR Radio for about 14 years….Who Is Molette Green Husband: Is She Married? Everything Including Age, Wikipedia Bio.NameMolette GreenAge40sGenderFemaleHeightAbout 5 feet 6 inchesNationalityAmerican6 more rows

Where is Aaron Gilchrist?

Aaron Gilchrist is a two-time Emmy award-winning journalist who was born and brought up in Richmond, Virginia, United States. He is currently working for an NBC affiliate WRC- TV popularly known as NBC4, in Washington Dc.

Did Lauryn Ricketts have her baby?

One of the D.C. region’s most recognizable weather authorities welcomed a baby boy Thursday morning. NBC Storm Team4 Meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts gave birth to her bundle of joy shortly after midnight. One of the D.C. region’s most recognizable weather authorities welcomed a baby boy Thursday morning.

Did Wendy Rieger get married recently?

Buckley worked as a photographer for the news channel for a pretty long time and the couple seems to have built the connection at the workplace. It was only in November of 2021 that Rieger and Buckley got married.

Is Wendy Rieger still on news 4?

Wendy Rieger has been an afternoon anchor on NBC4 for a quarter century. But that comes to an end when she retires on Friday, December 17th.

How old is Doreen Gentzler?

Doreen Gentzler (born September 24, 1957) is an American television news anchor. She anchors the news at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on WRC-TV in Washington, D.C.

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