is evan lysacek married

Who is Evan Lysacek wife?

In September 2014, Lysacek moved to New York City to pursue a career in commercial real estate. In 2015, he started working for Vera Wang, his former costume designer. He became engaged to real estate developer Duangpatra “Dang” Bodiratnangkura in April 2019. They married in December 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

What does Evan Lysacek do now?

Lysacek, 35, worked in commercial real estate for Charter Realty & Development and then in fashion as a creative consultant and vice president with Vera Wang. He is now active in residential real estate in Los Angeles and Thailand with his wife of about 17 months, Duangpatra “Dang” Bodiratnangkura.28 apr. 2021

Where is Evan Smith from?

Evan Smith (journalist)Evan SmithBornApril 20, 1966 New York, New York, U.S.OccupationJournalistNationalityAmericanEducationHamilton College; Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern UniversityNog 1 rij

Does Frank Carroll still coach?

Frank Carroll, who guided to Evan Lysacek and Michelle Kwan to Olympic and world figure skating titles, spends his last day as a top-level figure skating coach on Thursday after 58 years.2 aug. 2018

When did Evan Lysacek win gold medal?

Evan Lysacek, (born June 4, 1985, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.), American figure skater who won the men’s figure skating gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

What team does Evan Smith ride for?

Beta Racing is excited to announce the signing of Evan Smith. The 26-year-old Jefferson, GA resident will ride for the Beta Factory Race Team in 2022.15 nov. 2021

What company does Evan Smith ride for?

Dew Tour 2016 Team Challenge : Welcome Element Skateboards.

How tall is Evan Smith?

At 6-foot-2, Smith, who grew up near Orlando, is tall for a skateboarder, and one gets the sense he could eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound.24 aug. 2017

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